AGCAS What can I do with my degree? Series

This series, produced by AGCAS in partnership with Prospects, provides an overview of the career paths available and different options open to current students and graduates. The titles in the series highlight the skills gained through study and include details of how students can make themselves more employable.

There are 100 degree subjects in the series, from Accountancy to Zoology, providing information about:

  • job options
  • work experience
  • typical employers
  • skills for your CV
  • options for further study
  • what graduates go on to do after their degree.

Each title is updated every two years and many feature case studies from real graduates either in jobs or undertaking further study. The case studies offer prospective students a real-life insight into what they can do with their degree. 

Each title also has up-to-date statistics on graduate destinations, updated annually and taken from What Do Graduates Do?

The series is intended as a starting point before consulting other AGCAS publications, in particular Job profiles.