AGCAS Phoenix, June 2018 – Big Data

The June 2018 issue of Phoenix showcases the modern, data-driven, data-informed higher education careers service.

In recent years, we have had to learn to navigate a new higher education landscape and make the most of the opportunities it presents us with. We have seen measures of graduate employability take centre stage as two of the six key metrics in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). As careers professionals, this has given us increased visibility along with increased scrutiny and accountability.

This issue of Phoenix addresses the multiple levels and facets of the data landscape: from the sector-level changes, which impact on day-to-day practice, to the changing role of individual career professionals and the need to support careers teams to develop confidence and capabilities in the use of data.

As AGCAS, we are a strong voice in the sector on a topic that policy makers and higher education leaders are increasingly concerned with. Our role is not only to understand and work with the data itself but also to operate effectively in the data landscape to help inform the sector and advocate for contextualised, useful measures that support informed decision making.

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