AGCAS Phoenix, June 2017 – Supporting Postgraduate Students

This issue features articles showcasing how careers practitioners are tailoring support for postgraduate taught, postgraduate research and early career research students. You can read about the benefits of collaborative working with academics, colleagues in graduate schools, alumni and other role models – and with the students themselves. There are articles highlighting the challenges of student engagement and how AGCAS member services have sought to address these and the lessons learnt from re-shaping provision.

You can also read how practitioners are helping students deal with more complex issues, including understanding and renegotiating their professional identity, reinterpreting perceived failure and underachievement, and planning for unexpected career trajectories when they reach the end of the further study road. Analysis of trends in postgraduate employment is provided by Charlie Ball, who also highlights some of the main issues revealed by postgraduate outcomes data, findings which are crucial to inform the support aimed at postgraduates as they transition from study to the world of work.

There are also articles highlighting how institutional data and an evidence-based understanding of students’ thinking have influenced provision and inspired different ways of helping students approach career planning and navigate the postgraduate pathway.

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