Why should I join AGCAS?

There are a number of reasons to become a member or affiliate of AGCAS, the membership organisation for higher education (HE) careers and employability professionals, including:

  • professional networks, support and expertise across the sector
  • wide range of resources, publications, communications and research
  • high quality tailored professional development, conferences and training
  • support for quality enhancement, impact measurement and benchmarking
  • professional leadership and a strategic voice at national level to influence policy and practice.


Be supported and encouraged to maintain high standards of professional delivery and conduct through our Quality Standard.


Subscription Categories

To know more about the most appropriate subscription for your circumstance, please select the link below with the most relevant statement:

We are an institution that offers higher education (HE) qualifications.
Service Membership

I am an individual employed at a current AGCAS Service Member institution.
Individual Membership

I am not employed at a current AGCAS Service Member institution but I am involved in the provision of careers education, information, advice or guidance to higher education students and graduates in the UK or elsewhere, and/or I am engaged in another professional activity closely related to higher education careers advisory work.
Affiliate Subscription

I am not employed at a current AGCAS Service Member institution but I am studying full or part-time for a recognised qualification in careers guidance (QCG), qualification in career coaching (QCC) or any other level 4-6 careers guidance qualification.
Student Affiliate

I was previously a full or partner member and no longer work, or plan to work, in higher education or in a role relating to careers or employability.
Retired Affiliate


Before joining AGCAS as a member or affiliate, you will need to register as a user on our website. To do this, select the ‘Login’ option and then register to use the site using the box on the right hand side. Once this has been completed, you will be able to begin your application.