Heads of Service MYAGCAS guide

This step by step guide will show you the process for Heads of Service invoice approval. 

Only Heads of Service, and individuals with access to their Institutions service account, will be able to complete this process. For any further information on these please contact our Membership team.  

Stage 1 – MYAGCAS on the AGCAS website


MYAGCAS is the members only area of the new AGCAS website. 

It can be entered by selecting 'login' at the top of the homepage.

Stage 2 – Login to MYAGCAS


At this point you will be asked to login to the website.

If you are processing the invoices through a service account, or as your institutions Head of Service, please enter the appropiate login details here. If you aren't a member and haven't got access to a service account, but are responsible for your institutions invoicing, please contact our Membership team.

Stage 3 – MYAGCAS Heads of Service view

789 Picture3 

The darker sections of the MYAGCAS page are only accesible to Heads of Service. To view member invoice submissions select 'organisation outstanding balances'.

Stage 4 - Invoice transfer

143 Picture6

After clicking on the 'organisation outstanding balances' button, you will then need to select 'invoice transfers' from the drop down menu. 

Once on this page you can find the relevant invoice you would like to authorise, or reject. To do this tick the box in the fifth column and then select either the 'accept' or 'reject' buttons at the bottom of the page.