Governance of AGCAS

AGCAS is a registered charity and limited company operating under the terms of our Articles of Association. In conjunction with these articles, AGCAS conducts its business within the parameters of our Regulations. The AGCAS Regulations were approved in March 2018, and are reviewed annually.

AGCAS Articles of Association

AGCAS Regulations

AGCAS is governed by its Board of Directors, a group of volunteers responsible for AGCAS’s direction and strategy, as elected by our membership.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

general meeting will be convened annually for approval of the accounts. This meeting will follow the annual meeting of the Advisory Council and is open to all Full and Partner members.

Conduct of general meetings are defined in the Articles of Association.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a committee of AGCAS consisting of all nominated Heads of Service for each Service Member. As defined in the Articles of Association, the function of the Advisory Council is to advise the Board on strategy and operations and on any other issues which the Board may request it to consider and advise upon. The Advisory Council normally meets once per year (usually during the Heads of Service Conference).

Governance and Risk committee

The Governance and Risk Committee takes an independent and objective view of operational and risk management matters for AGCAS providing autonomous suggestions and advice to the Board of Directors, working parties and committees. The AGCAS Treasurer, chairs the committee, alongside current Heads of Service, and previous AGCAS treasurers.

Find out more about the AGCAS Governance and Risk Committee here.

AGCAS Financial Statements