Cultural awareness resources

Cultural awareness in the UK workplace workshop materials

Although these materials were prepared a number of years ago, the content has been reviewed and updated in 2018. 

Cultural awareness: ppt

Cultural awareness: session plan

Doing business in the UK: handout

Iceberg metaphor: handout

Intercultural awareness training materials: ppt

Survival simulation game

Survival simulation game: trainer notes

Cross-cultural interactions

Managing cross cultural interactions

External conference resources

Resources from UKCISA conference 2018 on cultural awareness

Icebreakers and energisers in cross-cultural training

Exercise resources: You are from a culture where

Working with Chinese students workshop materials

These materials were produced by BPP Law School and if re-used must be credited to BPP. The workshop is designed to train careers professionals working with Chinese students. The Facesheet is designed for pre-reading, providing the information which is tested in the quiz within the presentation. 

Working with Chinese students presentation

Working with Chinese students factsheet