Higher Apprenticeship Standard for Career Development Professionals

A group of employers, including university career services and an AGCAS representative, have been involved in the development of a higher apprenticeship standard for career development professionals. Before this standard can be submitted to the Institute of Apprenticeship for approval, feedback is needed from outside the Trailblazer group.

It is unlikely that they will approve more than one standard for careers professionals and so it is important that it fits the needs of your service and the range of different career development professionals you employ.

The Standard provides an occupational profile with the duties that a fully competent employee should be able to undertake when working in the occupation.  It also sets out the knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) required by the individual to successfully carry out the duties.  These are developed through employment and ‘off-the- job’ training which includes attaining a careers related qualification recognised by the Career Development Institute as giving eligibility to the Register of Career Development Professionals; that is 60 credits at level 6 or higher.

It is important that we identify any omissions or things that don’t make sense. We are particularly keen to ensure that this Standard is flexible enough to apply to the increasingly wide range of roles involved in delivering careers and employability support within modern HE careers services.

On completion of an apprenticeship programme designed in accordance with the Standard, an apprentice is referred by the employer for an independent end point assessment. The assessment is to determine that the apprentice is able to undertake the full range of occupational duties set out in the Standard. We would appreciate your views on the approach to end point assessment.

AGCAS would be particularly keen to hear from anyone with a particular interest in apprenticeships as we take forward our response to this development.

Please feel free to review the documents and complete the questionnaire. 

If you would like to contribute to the AGCAS responce to this consultation please email AGCAS Executive Director, Elaine Boyes, with your input by 7 September 2018

All general responces to the Standard should be e-mailed to MStewart1918@outlook.com by 12 September 2018.

Questionnaire for consultation