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AGCAS members are the heart of the organisation and form a community of practice sharing a sense of common purpose. It is vital that AGCAS members feel that their profession, devolved nation, region, and mission group is represented.

We achieve representation through our dedicated Task Groups, regional Heads of Service groups, and our location based communities, resulting in a matrix of member engagement and activity. We also provide the forum, via a very active JiscMail service, for members to communicate and share questions and best practice.

This structure ensures that the many specialisms and distinct operational activities found in today’s modern career service have a voice within AGCAS and thereby the sector at large. With our member’s specific skills and professional interests,  we work together for the ultimate benefit of individual members, institutions, and the wider society and economy.

Our Community Strategic area is supported by the Community Committee

Find out more about the AGCAS Mission, Vision and Strategy, and our other core strategic areas here