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If you are a Task Group, Committee or Working Party member and would like further information on AGCAS branding for resource creation and promotion please click here.

If you are an AGCAS trainer and would like a copy of our branded resources for trainers please click here.

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The AGCAS brand logo is used by AGCAS to promote and establish the organisation's identity across all communications. 

The logo is available in horizontal and vertical configurations. There are full-colour, grayscale and solid versions of each configuration. Chose the one which best fits your application. When using the logos always surround the logos with sufficient free space, always reproduce the logo at a size that is clear and legible and always provide sufficient contrast with the background against which the logo appears.

The logos provided below are free to use for members, universities, journalists and other interested parties to assist in the accurate and consistent promotion of the AGCAS brand. Please do not re-create, alter or distort the logos in any way and ensure that their usage is consistent with our logo requirements as specified in our brand guidelines. 

Horizonal - Full


AGCAS logo full CMYK [1.6MB]

AGCAS logo full RGB [580KB]



AGCAS logo CMYK [1.4MB]

AGCAS logo RGB [446kb]

 Vertical full


AGCAS logo full CMYK [2MB]

AGCAS logo full RGB [1.4MB]



AGCAS logo CMYK [1.7MB]

AGCAS logo RGB [523KB]

 AGCAS Awards for excellence


AGCAS awards logo CMYK [1.5MB]

AGCAS awards logo RGB [500KB]

 Black version


AGCAS black logo [787KB]

 White version


AGCAS white logo [787KB]

AGCAS Scotland

763 AGCAS-scotland-horizontal

AGCAS Scotland Horizontal [1.8MB]


997 AGCAS-scotland-vertical

AGCAS Scotland Vertical [2.4MB]

 AGCAS Wales

 376 AGCAS-wales-horizontal

 AGCAS Wales Horizontal [1.9MB]


306 AGCAS-wales-vertical

 AGCAS Wales Vertical [2.1MB]