Annual Conference 2019 Resources

Download resources from 2019 AGCAS Annual Conference

Conference Programme

Full workshop list - Wednesday 4 September

Full workshop list - Thursday 5 September

Full workshop list - Friday 6 September

Awards Programme

Workshop Session A - Wednesday AM

A1 How an innovative approach in a new careers space can drive tech enhanced delivery

A1 Handout

A2 Bumping online discussion forums (ODFs) in a social media age: How ODFs can extend the reach and impact of careers support

A3 Equipping students for job interviews through a pedagogy of play

A4 Social Mobility

A7 Identifying and engaging our 'hard to reach' groups

A7 Workshop outputs

A8 Trying to embed employability? What you need to know

Workshop Session B - Wednesday PM

B1 Increasing Aspiration - success for all students in a changing job market - Embracing psychometrics as a pathway to social mobility

          B1 handout - How to prepare for psychometric tests

B2 Supporting virtually or virtually supporting? Reaching more non-traditional via digital platforms

B4 A data-driven multi-disciplinary approach to understanding student non-engagement with employability initiatives 

B5 Thinking and communicating like a psychologist - embedding personal development amd employability into a core pathway for first year Psychologists

B6 "It feels like a physical classroom!" How to provide interactive careers and employability learning to a global classroom

B7 Harnessing technology to enhance service delivery at scale

B8 How to build a better marriage

B8 Employability in the curriculum snapshot

B8 Final toolkit introduction

Workshop Session C - Thursday AM

 C1 Office for Students' Local Graduate Fund projects - panel discussion

C2 Levelling the work experience playing field for under-represented students. GO Wales: Achieve Through Work Experience

C4 #INLEEDSDAY Showcasing Leeds as a collaborative city: how we engaged regional employers with a city wide event to launch positive graduate outcomes

C5 Using data and technology to strategically develop regional employability programmes

Workshop Session D - Thursday PM

D1 Rising to the Office for Students commuter challege: how the University of Liverpool are using peer to peer training to address the digital skills gap in the Liverpool City Region

D2 Developing career services with local impact: a practical guide and workshop

D5 Engaging with local companies to offer masterclasses to students on the 'business' of life sciences

D6 Employing peer support to engage non-traditional student progression and employability

Workshop Session E - Friday AM

E2 Applicant to alumni: using targeted alumni interventions to increase aspiration for female engineering students

E4 Dealing with the emotional side of career thinking: lessons from a workshop for researchers

E5 'Your network is your net-worth': entrepreneurship and community building for under-represented groups at UAL

E7 Embedding the 3Es in the curriculum: a social (mobility) enterprise?

E8 Does experience work? Exploring the value of student work experience in the graduate labour market

Workshop Session F - Friday PM

F1 "The oldest trick in the book" - three innovative ways University of Bristol engage students in the career planning process including intensive targeted support for our widening participation cohort

F3 Employers care too: Innovative approaches to increasing diversity through employer engagement

F6 Equipping non-traditional students for success through programmes of enhanced careers support

F8 Unleashing ambition: supporting disabled students to become job-ready

Keynote speaker presentations

Dr Kate Daubney, Head of Careers and Employability, King's College London

7 myths, 7 truths - or how to make employability meaningful for all

Chris Millward, Director for Fair Access and Participation, Office for Students

Employability and graduate careers - a fair and equal opportunity for all students?

Ken Lee, Executive Director of HR, University of Central Lancashire (formerly HR Director of BBC North) and Trish Brady, Head of HR, ITV

Panel discussion - Developing the workforce, working with local universities

Ken Lee slides

Trish Brady slides

Professor Liz Thomas, Professor of Higher Education at Edge Hill University

'I am happy just doing the work...' Commuter student engagement and implications for attainment and graduate employment

Andrew Bargery, Campus and Schools Engagement Leader - Student Recruitment, PwC

Digital disruption, diversity and earlier engagement

Dr Iwi Ugiagbe-Green, Senior Teaching Fellow, Accounting and Finance Division, Leeds University Business School

'Sorry, not sorry...You're (not) hired...It's not me - it is you'. The unspoken truths of graduate recruitment