Alumni Network

The experience of retirement for many these days is more flexible, positive and busy than for those from previous generations. This area is designed to allow the Alumni Network to keep in touch with others and to inform them about activities that they are involved in during their retirement.


The AGCAS Alumni Network (AN) is an active group of retired affiliates who wish to communicate and maintain links with each other and the wider AGCAS community.

What is the AGCAS Alumni Network?  

Please be aware that the news, events and resources on this page are locked to retired affiliates and AGCAS members only. If you require access and you aren’t a current member or retired affiliate please contact our Membership Team.


News and Events

The latest news and updates from the AN, including information on the annual reunion meeting.



A collection of papers, documents and resources either relating to the activities of the AN, or of interest to its members. This section includes the Terms of Reference of the AN and reports from previous annual reunions.  

Joining the Alumni Network

Any Retired Affiliate automatically becomes a member of the AN.  

Keeping in touch

The AN maintains an active and engaging email discussion list for Retired Affiliates and Lifetime Honorary affiliates. This is managed by AGCAS and facilitated through Jiscmail.

For more information on joining this discussion list see here.

Alumni Network Directory

The Alumni Network Directory is a database of the Retired Affiliate community, allowing our members and fellow Retired Affiliates to easily connect. Only AGCAS Full and Partner Members as well as Retired Affiliates are permitted to view this database and need to login to do so.

If an individual Retired Affiliate wishes to be removed from this directory, please contact the membership team.

Join the Alumni Network Directory and register your views about its future

In order to allow members of the Alumni Network (AN) to connect easily with each other and to contribute to the future development of the AN, the Co-ordinating Group is keen to develop an accurate retired affiliates directory and to ascertain your views on current AN activities and its future focus.

By clicking on the link below, you can submit or update your contact details. After completing this section, please answer the three short questions that follow to provide the Co-ordinating Group with your views.  

Remember also that you can visit MYAGCAS at any time to update your personal details and preferences. All your personal data will be maintained in line with AGCAS’s personal data and privacy policy.

Alumni Network Personal Data Update