AGCAS Liaison Officers (ALO)

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AGCAS has a network of liaison officers (ALO) in place to help AGCAS and its members obtain a greater understanding of employment, training and development opportunities for graduates in certain sectors and to establish and maintain a constructive relationship with organisations of strategic importance to AGCAS. 


An ALO is recruited from the membership and carry out an important voluntary relationship-building and ambassadorial role for AGCAS with their link organisation.

What does an ALO do?

An ALO establishes and maintains an information sharing relationship with their link organisation and disseminates industry information to the higher education (HE) careers community through a range of AGCAS communication channels, including:

They also help their link organisation communicate with AGCAS members and better understand the needs of HE careers professionals and their students by alerting them to relevant networking opportunities, including AGCAS training, events and conferences.

In essence, an ALO will update their own and other AGCAS members' knowledge of employment, training, the graduate labour market and career development opportunities in a particular sector and, in return, help professional bodies better understand how HE careers services work. The relationship is intended to be mutually beneficial.

How an ALO is appointed

When a vacancy for an ALO occurs, either through a new relationship or through a resignation, our members are invited to submit an application (with preference normally given to Full Members) to take on the role.

Identifying link organisations

All members are encouraged to identify organisations for possible links. The link should be beneficial to AGCAS, its members, HE students and graduates and the organisation concerned. Contact to discuss the possibility of establishing a new relationship.

Organisations looking to work with AGCAS

If your organisation is looking to build a mutually beneficial relationship with AGCAS and would like to find out more about establishing an ALO link, please contact


View any current ALO opportunities