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Latest AGCAS research

Some of the reports listed below are locked to AGCAS members only. If you are not currently a member but would like to learn more about our research, please contact our Head of External Relations.

Practitioner research

AGCAS members are supported and encouraged to undertake and share practitioner research. Many members engage in research as part of the Career Education, Information and Guidance in HE (CEIGHE) qualification, delivered by The University of Warwick in collaboration with AGCAS.

The HECSU Research Fund helps foster an evidence-led, innovative research culture in higher education careers.

The AGCAS Award for Research Informed Practice encourages and promotes evidenced-based practice in all areas of members’ activity.

The AGCAS Research Conference celebrates research-informed practice and aims to share expertise and insights from practitioner researchers, careers professionals, academics and research students.

Graduate outcomes

Historically, AGCAS members have played a vital role in the collection and interpretation of graduate destinations data via the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey. Our annual publications What Do Graduates Do? (produced in partnership with Prospects/HECSU) and What Happens Next? A report on the first destinations of disabled graduates (produced by the AGCAS Disability Task Group) present findings that draw on DLHE data. What do Graduates Do? Regional edition was published for the first time in October 2019.

AGCAS made a significant contribution to HESA's #NewDLHE Destinations and Outcomes Review (2015 - 2017) and continues to be represented on the HESA Graduate Outcomes Steering Group.

Through our Data Insights strategic theme, AGCAS continues to support member services with the transition to Graduate Outcomes and shares best practice in the collection and interpretation of student and graduate data sets.

Previous research projects

To find out more about the AGCAS Research and Knowledge Strategy area see here