AGCAS Publications

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AGCAS produces a wide range of expert careers information and advice in collaboration with members and with our partners, Prospects and Group GTI.

In partnership with Prospects

In partnership with Group GTI

Prospects and Group GTI

Together, we create and publish content for use by students, graduates, careers professionals and the wider higher education community.

Our publications cover a huge range of topics and issues, including:

We are constantly adding to our series of quality publications, responding to the needs of our users and to the changes in the graduate employment market.

27 new Job profile titles were produced by AGCAS in collaboration with Prospects in 2019, with 89% of the new titles being written by AGCAS members.

For an overview of our work, our publishing partners and who writes for us, as well as links to all our most recently updated and new content, see the annual AGCAS Publications Review.

AGCAS holds the copyright of most of the material we commission and publish in partnership with Graduate Prospects and Group GTI. Permission must be sought to reproduce any AGCAS material. Please contact