AGCAS Code of Ethics

To help members maintain the highest professional standards the Code of Ethics identifies the professional attitudes and behaviours expected of members, and provides guidance to help members recognise and develop these.

The AGCAS Code of Ethics outlines the values and behaviours required of all members of AGCAS Services when fulfilling their roles, alongside compliance with relevant legislation. It also aims to give internal and external stakeholders confidence and trust in their dealings with the HE careers profession.

Members will adhere to the following core principles and standards of professional practice:

  1. Equity and diversity – design, delivery and promotion of accessible services to meet the needs of all, irrespective of their age, disability, gender identity, race (including colour, nationality and ethnic or national origin), political or religious beliefs, and sexual orientation

  2. Achievement for all – dealing with each individual fairly and with respect for their life experiences, abilities and potential. To address and challenge inequities where we encounter them

  3. Impartiality – embedding the principle of impartiality into the design and delivery of career development services so that students and graduates have the freedom to develop their own career paths. Any conflicts of interest will be declared as soon as they are known

  4. Confidentiality – the protection of client confidentiality and the right to privacy, acting in accordance with laws that govern the sharing of data, including personal information

  5. Integrity – acting with trustworthiness and transparency in the provision of services, the management of expectations and the honouring of promises and arrangements

  6. A spirit of commitment through AGCAS to maintain and enhance high standards across the HE careers profession – by fostering good practice across the profession by initiating and contributing to the sharing of knowledge and discussion of professional issues with members of the AGCAS community and adhering to the AGCAS Quality Standard.

Our expectations of our members

All members are expected to display the highest standards of professionalism and a commitment to our Code of Ethics, giving at all times due care and consideration to others.

Maintaining Professional Standards

All members are bound by the Code of Ethics. Where members fail to live up to the standards expected of them, AGCAS might investigate and present evidence to the Board of Directors. If the Board of Directors at their discretion determines that, a member has breached the Code of Ethics. The individual or organisation’s membership may be revoked.

Complaints and concerns

AGCAS has developed a concerns and complaints process for any party who feels that they have experienced unethical conduct when interacting with an AGCAS member service.

AGCAS Complaints and Concerns Procedures

As AGCAS is not a regulator, we cannot investigate complaints against companies and/or individuals who are not members of the association.

Members of the public wishing to make complaints should note that AGCAS will not investigate these and you should speak to the member’s employing organisation directly.

All formal concerns or complaints should be submitted in writing to the AGCAS Executive Director, in accordance with the procedures in the above document.