Recruitment in to the legal profession: Use of the Watson-Glaser CTA test

Hosted by the AGCAS Psychometric Assessment Task group, this webinar will be of interest to advisers working with students pursuing a legal career and advisers wishing to learn more about the development and use of psychometric assessments for recruitment.

 The Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Assessment test is used extensively for recruitment across the legal profession. This webinar will provide three essential perspectives: 

  • The test provider’s perspective on development of the test and what it measures – Alice Keane (CPsychol), Senior Talent Assessment Consultant, Pearson TalentLens 
  • A recruiter’s perspective on the use of test – Jen Baird, Recruitment Manager – Trainees,  Hogan Lovells International LLP 
  • An adviser’s perspective on the questions students ask and the best advice to offer on preparing for the test – Ed Mosely, Careers Consultant, Nottingham Law School, NTU

The webinar will be recorded and made available as a Psychometric Assessment Task Group resource for AGCAS members.