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Study China - government funded opportunity for undergraduates

Do your students know about the Study China programme? The closing date for 2009 is 16 January.

AGCAS plans China visit

AGCAS has secured funding as part of PMI2 for a short visit to China. AGCAS representatives will be visiting Beijing and Shanghai during the period 13 - 23 March 2009.

AGCAS representatives return from China visit
Two small groups of members and staff from AGCAS and the National Association of Student Employment Services (NASES) recently conducted an employment-focused visit to Beijing and Shanghai to meet with government bodies, employers and HR organisations, university careers staff and Chinese alumni from universities across the  UK.

From China to the East Midlands
China - East Midlands: Business and Employment Possibilities, an event conceived by a group of careers advisers based at universities in the East Midlands, was organised to facilitate introductions and break down pre-conceived ideas held by both international students and potential employers of international students. Catherine Klimes, Head of Careers and Employability at the University of Northampton and one of the organisers, describes how they did it.           

China visit report launched

AGCAS and NASES are delighted to launch the report of their recent PMI2-funded visit to China. Representatives from both organisations visited Beijing and Shanghai in March 2009. The report outlines the overall aims of the visit, highlights the main findings and makes recommendations for the future. 

From Liverpool to China
Justin Richardson, Careers Adviser at the University of Liverpool, recently visited XJTLU University in Suzhou, China, an international university run in partnership between the University of Liverpool and Xi'an Jiaotong University. The main aims of the visit were to develop links with the University and its careers service to see how they could work more effectively with students based both in the UK and China.

International students crucial to UK graduates’ prospects

AGCAS has warned that a government clampdown on the sort of work international students are allowed to do while in the UK will affect the experience UK universities can offer both international and home-based students. It would also impact upon the job prospects of UK students and the economy as a whole.

Loughborough explores Chinese graduate employability

Loughborough University recently completed the first phase of a two-year project with Tsinghua University, Beijing, in China, looking at the employability of UK-educated Chinese graduates.

UCLAN and Shanghai's winning partnership

This is designed to help interaction between Chinese and British students, to enhance British students' international experience and employability and entrepreneurship competence. It is a joint programme between UCLan Business School, Futures (UCLan's Careers and Employability Service) and Shanghai International Foreign Trade (SIFT).

University of Huddersfield: The Employability Challenge, Skills for Life

Crowned AGCAS Awards for Excellence winner in the category of Research, the University of Huddersfield Careers and Employability Service undertook its research project with funding from the PMI2 British Council initiative. The work was carried out in conjunction with the University's School of Education and Professional Development and in partnership with GPNU University in Guangzhou, China.

Developing global mindsets: Dundee's international internships

With UK employers now seeking employees with an international perspective and awareness of global business cultures, it is becoming more important for graduates to possess skills to help drive companies forward and compete in a global market. To help students gain these skills and the confidence in working across many cultures, the University of Dundee provides the Internship Graduate Certificate - Global.

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Past events tagged with 'China'

Virtual Careers Fair for Greater China and South East Asia

Mon 25 Oct 2010 to Fri 29 Oct 2010

This virtual careers fair aims to help students and graduates of all UK universities explore career opportunities with graduate employers in China (Hong Kong), Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. There will be over 80 exhibitors including high profile employers such as Accenture, Atkins, Axa, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, IBM, KPMG, Shell, Sony Ericsson and Standard Chartered.

British Council China Graduate Careers Advisors Workshop, London

Tue 25 Oct 2011

The aim of this workshop is to give an update of the Chinese job market, provide information about employers' recruitment strategies and offer practical information to help colleagues who work in career guidance and graduate service provision to Chinese students.

The Chinese Job Market, London

Thu 25 Oct 2012

A half-day workshop in partnership with the British Council China to improve understanding of the Chinese job market.

Developing careers with the help of the British Council, London

Wed 10 Dec 2014

A one-day briefing highlighting the opportunities available through the British Council.

The Chinese Job Market, Edinburgh

Fri 06 Nov 2015

A half-day workshop offering the opportunity to meet and hear first-hand from business leaders in China about the Chinese job market.

The Chinese Job Market, London

Fri 13 Nov 2015

A half-day workshop offering the opportunity to meet and hear first-hand from business leaders in China about the Chinese job market.

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Resources tagged with 'China'

International comparison study: China, India and Scotland

This report provides a summary and analysis of the national education systems and policies of China and India and makes comparisons with Scotland's systems and policies.

China Employability Workshops (PowerPoint)
British Council China organised three employability workshops in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh during November 2009. The sessions were designed to help Chinese studentscurrently in the UK prepare to enter/re-enter the job market after graduation and plan future career development.

UK Higher Education in China: An overview of the quality assurance arrangements
This report provides an account of the scope and nature of UK higher education awards delivered in China and an overview of UK institutions' management of the academic standards and quality of learning opportunities associated with those awards. The report is based upon the findings of a survey of UK institutions' activity in China.

Starting Your Career In - Country Guides for International Students
This series offers practical advice to international students who have chosen to return to their home country to look for work. Each country guide includes key facts about current trends and jobs, advice about seeking employment, hints and tips for making a successful application, and helpful information sources.

China Visit - A Report on the AGCAS and NASES PMI2 Visit to China

This report outlines the PMI2-funded visit to China by representatives from AGCAS and NASES during March 2009. Two groups of HE careers and employment professionals specialising in work with international students visited Beijing and Shanghai to meet with Chinese government bodies, employers, recruitment agencies, HE careers staff and alumni from UK universities.

Case studies of Chinese graduates

Most of the case studies featured here were generated from UK alumni contacts made during the China visit to Beijing and Shanghai by members of the AGCAS Internationalisation Task Group in 2009. The case studies represent the views of individuals at different stages in their careers.

Some have provided the information on the understanding that their names and institutions will remain anonymous, while others have been happy for these details to be disclosed (hence the presentation of the information in different formats).

Cultural awareness for the UK workplace
The AGCAS Internationalisation Task Group has produced this workshop for careers practitioners to deliver to students within their institutions. Its aim is to help students understand the culture of UK working environments.

Job hunting in China
The AGCAS Internationalisation Task Group has produced this workshop for careers practitioners to deliver to Chinese students within their institutions. Its aim is to help Chinese students gain an understanding of the employment market in China, including how to market themselves and identifying sources for job hunting.

Skills are not enough: the globalisation of knowledge and the future UK economy

This paper explores the policy implications of a major international study of the global HR and skills strategies of major transnational companies (TNCs) operating in seven countries, including China and India. The study raises key policy issues about globalisation, skills and the future of work. 

PMI2 Pilot Projects 2009/2010

In 2009, AGCAS received PMI2 funding for five pilot projects to allow the development of better links with UK and overseas employers and UK alumni overseas.

These projects aim to support the development of an expanded list of employer contacts to be available through the employer database currently under development by HECSU and of an enhanced resource of success stories/case studies about international student and graduate employment in the UK and abroad.

Loughborough University PMI2 China visit

In 2010, representatives from Loughborough University's Careers and Employability Centre visited Tsinghua University in China as part of a PMI2 project looking at the employability of UK-educated Chinese graduates. The aims of the visit were to add to the existing knowledge collected about employer perspectives of Chinese returning graduates and also to develop insights into careers provision for Chinese students, particularly those looking to study and work overseas.

PMI2 Pilot Projects 2010/2011

In 2010, AGCAS received PMI2 funding for five pilot projects to allow the development of better links with UK and overseas employers and UK alumni overseas, and to build up case study material relating to the successful employment of international students in the UK and abroad. These projects build on the pilot projects launched in 2009/10.

PMI2 International Virtual Careers Fairs 2010-11

The International Virtual Careers Fairs project, one of the PMI2-funded employability projects run between 2009-11, provided a virtual one-stop-shop for international employers looking for UK-educated talent to meet their skills needs. Three virtual fairs were scheduled for 2010-11, covering a range of types of institutions and areas of the country.

PMI2 Employability Projects

Between 2007-2011, AGCAS, NASES, HECSU, The Careers Group, University of London, CIHE and i-graduate delivered a series of PMI2-funded employability projects.

Country Toolkits: Global information resources

The AGCAS Internationalisation Task Group has produced a series of country toolkits for AGCAS members to use to inform their work with students from different countries.

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