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AGCAS Qualification: Career Education, Information and Guidance in HE (CEIGHE)

The Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and MA in Career Education, Information and Guidance in HE (CEIGHE), delivered by The University of Warwick in collaboration with AGCAS, are all completed via a blend of residential courses and distance learning/e-learning. The qualifications are open to anyone currently working with HE clients in a careers context.  Whilst it is not necessary to be a member of AGCAS, the costs of the AGCAS residential courses are higher for non-members.  If you wish to discuss your eligibility further, contact the course director at Warwick, Phil McCash.

Full details of entry criteria, course structure and the modules offered can be found on The University of Warwick's website.

Residential courses

The residential training element of a number of Certificate, Diploma and MA modules is designed to provide an intensive learning experience, aid networking and mutual support, and raise motivation and interest.

The process involves:

• Pre-course tasks (2-4 weeks prior to attendance) often involving elements of self-assessment, pre-reading and/or research and possibly analysis of a current work situation

• The actual residential course (3-5 days) involving theoretical input and a wide range of exercises to encourage understanding and application, the sharing of experience and practice, and structured reflection. At the end of the residential, individual support is given to participants to help them transfer their learning back to the work place

• An assessed assignment, generally work-based, which needs to be completed in the six months following the residential course

To start a residential module you must:

• book an AGCAS course place using a National Course Booking Form (available below);
• register on the appropriate CEIGHE module using The University of Warwick's Module Registration Form (available below).

Residential courses are usually held at Warwick Conference Centre, The University of Warwick.

Training teams are made up of careers work professionals. Trainers are selected on the basis of their expertise in the course content and their ability and experience as trainers. All qualification course trainers have successfully completed the Training the Trainers course accredited by AGCAS and recognised by The University of Warwick. Training teams work closely with the course leader at Warwick in planning and delivering the residential course. The post- course assignment is marked by the course leader at Warwick.

Distance learning and e-learning

These modules are undertaken individually in an e-learning format which is housed on The University of Warwick's e-learning site. The modules comprise readings, activities, exercises and reports. The format allows for 'group discussions' with others studying the module concurrently and for interaction with the tutor. The additional support of a mentor is available on request from AGCAS.

To get started on a distance learning or e-learning module, please complete the Module Registration Form.

If items are locked please check that you are registered and signed in to ensure that you can see all parts of the site to which you have been given access.

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