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Service Membership

Individual Membership

Affiliate Memberships

 Service Membership

To be eligible for AGCAS Service Membership:

  • The institution must offer study programmes at higher education level
  • The institution must provide careers and employment services to all students of higher education programmes
  • The service must offer support across the whole institution
  • There must be a named head of service for the purpose of liaison with AGCAS
  • The service must commit to operate within/to the AGCAS Code of Ethics and Membership Quality Standard
  • Membership of AGCAS should not be sought to pursue commercial benefit

Service membership is based on two elements, the institutional (student FTE) element and the individual (staff member) element:

  1. The institutional element is in two parts, both based on the number of FTE HE students registered at the institution. In the UK, Part A is based on broad bands (we will quote based on your student numbers) and Part B on exact numbers is £1.65 per 75 FTE students. International Service Members will receive a 30% discount for this element.

  2. The individual element is:
  • £33.48 excluding VAT per named AGCAS full member
  • £66.95 excluding VAT per named AGCAS partner member.

Alongside benefits for individual Full and Partner staff members, service membership also allows:

  • The named head of service or a representative will be eligible to attend the annual AGCAS Heads of Service Conferences
  • The named head of service and a named 'deputy' will be eligible to receive AGCAS Heads Updates by email

Service membership – UK and Ireland

Service Membership is the level of AGCAS membership that confers the most benefits. Open to careers and employability services, which support whole institutions and operate within/to the AGCAS Code of Ethics and Membership Quality Standard.

Service membership – International

Appropriate for non-UK based careers and employability services which support whole institutions that offer Higher Education (HE) provision and which operate within/to the AGCAS Code of Ethics and Membership Quality Standards.

Individual Membership

Please note your institution must be a Service Member if you are to qualify for the individual membership types. For Partner Membership your application will need to be supported by the Service’s named Head.   

Individual members of AGCAS should commit to operate within/to the AGCAS Code of Ethics.

Full Membership - £33.48+VAT per annum

Full Membership is the individual membership category open to any staff who are currently employed by a careers service which is a service member of AGCAS, or whose responsibilities are sufficiently aligned as determined by the Head of Service (includes careers professionals working in faculties/schools of study).


Partner Membership - £66.95+VAT per annum

Partner Membership is the individual membership category open to non-Careers Service staff who are involved in the provision of careers education, information, advice and guidance, including, but not limited to, academics with an interest in employability, freelance staff and professional staff in outreach or similar roles.



The AGCAS affiliate categories are open to individuals who support the aims of AGCAS, but whom are not eligible for individual membership.

Affiliate - £89.61+VAT per annum (overseas applicants will not be required to pay VAT)

Affiliate should be actively involved in the provision of careers education, information, advice or guidance to higher education students in the UK or elsewhere and engaged in another professional activity closely related to higher education careers advisory work.

Student Affiliate - £24.00+VAT per annum

Student affiliates are those studying full or part time for a recognised Qualification in Careers Guidance (QCG), Qualification in Career Coaching (QCC) or any other Level 4-6 careers guidance qualification.

Retired Affiliate

Retired affiliates are previous full or partner members who no longer work in higher education or in a role relating to careers or employability and who have no intention of returning to this area of work.

Joining as a retired affiliate is designed to keep you in touch with what is going on in the sector and is supported by the AGCAS Alumni Network. This is an active, committed and supportive community of retired HE careers and employability professionals. Find out more.


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