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Biennial Conference 2013, Exeter

  1. Tue 10 Sep 13


    Thu 12 Sep 13


    Biennial Conference 2013 photo gallery - Day 1 (part 1)
    Biennial Conference 2013 photo gallery - Day 1 (part 2)
    Biennial Conference 2013 photo gallery - Day 2 (part 1)
    Biennial Conference 2013 photo gallery - Day 2 (part 2)


    Keynote speakers
    Dave Jarman - Enterprise Education: Opportunity-ready
    Sir Tim Wilson - The Wilson Review: process, progress and prospects
    Jenny Owen - Engagement: just another buzzword?
    Carl Gilleard - Unplugged

    Workshops session 1
    W101 - Student/graduate approaches to employability
           W101 - Key findings from the research
           W101 - Career Management Checklist
           W101 - Career Management Prescription
           W101 - Great expectations report
    W102 - Working with student enterprise societies

    Workshops session 2
    W201 - Developing commercial awareness using academic skills
    W202 - What can careers professionals do to effectively support students who want to become more enterprising?
    W204 - The Business Plan
    W205 - Enterprise & employability: Bringing together two cultures
    W206 - Enterprise education as a means of enhancing graduate employability
           W206 - Output

    Workshops session 3
    W301 - The future of recruitment and selection?
    W302 - Approaches to social media strategy
    W306 - Improving graduate employment outcomes for students from less-privileged backgrounds
    W307 - More than just a degree
    W309 - Creating a level playing field for graduates: The influence of social capital on student attitudes to career planning
    W310 - SMEs: An untapped employability resource?
    W311 - Using student case studies creatively
           W311 - Case study work
    W313 - Recruiting and employing international candidates: What employers and careers services need to know

    Workshops session 4
    W402 - Career adaptabilities: A new approach for identifying students in most need
    W403 - An update on the legal marketplace
    W405 - Students are right; we’re wrong - What they can teach us about engagement.
    W406 - Career changing
    W407 - Careers registration: A data revolution
    W410 - Career discovery through engagement
    W411 - Once upon a time... Exploring strengths stories
    W412 - Graduates and smaller businesses: Making the links and making the breakthrough

    Workshops session 5
    W503 - MBAs: A practical guide to working successfully with a challenging client group
    W504 - Working with LinkedIn to connect talent with opportunity (Charles Hardy)
    W504 - Working with LinkedIn to connect talent with opportunity (Jessica Holloway Swift)
    W506 - The Power of Social Networking
    W507 - Routes into teaching
    W511 - Applying project management techniques to the role of a careers professional
    W512 - CVs and interview skills
    W513 - Psychological capital and social capital: A fresh approach to employability

    Workshops session 6
    W601 - Why bother blogging?
           W601 - Ten top tips for successful blogging
    W602 - Agency style job shop: Commercial values and employability
    W604 - Learning from a US/UK international staff exchange
    W605 - Academic career progression: What does it take to make the first big step?
    W607 - Travelling Without Maps
    W608 - Graduate talent pool and the great internship debate

    Beyond the rhetoric: enterprise, engagement and employability

    AGCAS Biennial 2013 was held at the University of Exeter, 10-12 September 2013. It was a three-day conference aimed at anyone interested in careers and employability advice and guidance, careers information and the graduate labour market. 


    The conference included a mix of topical keynote presentations, a wide range of workshops, an exhibition, the conference dinner and the AGCAS Awards for Excellence ceremony. The full programme is available below.

    Keynote speakers

    • Sir Tim Wilson, Emeritus Professor and author of the Wilson Review
    • Dave Jarman, Chairman and Director of Enterprise Educators UK
    • Jeremy Budd, Vice-President, IBM UK & Ireland
    • Carl Gilleard, Chief Executive of the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR)
    • Paul Redmond, AGCAS President
    • Jenny Owen, AGCAS Vice-President

    Biennial 2013 on Twitter


    Date(s) & Timing 10 Sep 2013 - 12 Sep 2013 (3 day event)
    Venue The Forum, University of Exeter
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