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AGCAS Annual Conference for HE Careers and Employability Professionals 2017, Nottingham

  1. Tue 05 Sep


    Thu 07 Sep

    The AGCAS Annual Conference 2017 took place at The University of Nottingham from the 5th - 7th September 2017.

    About the AGCAS Annual Conference

    The AGCAS Annual Conference offers a stimulating and enjoyable professional development opportunity and the chance to network with members from a wide range of institutions from across the UK and Ireland, as well as with employers, professional associations and other individuals interested in careers information, employability, work experience, careers advice and guidance, and the graduate labour market.

    The theme of this years conference was:

    50 years of agility, professionalism and expertise - are you ready for the future? 

    Here is the AGCAS Annual Conference Programme. Keynote and workshop slides from the conference are available below.

    Date(s) & Timing 05 Sep 2017 - 07 Sep 2017 (3 day event)
    Venue The University of Nottingham
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  • Downloads - You will need to be signed into the website to view the following presentations, if you are not a member and require access please contact

  • Conference slides - Workshop Session A - Tuesday AM

    • A1 Bounce back: creating and developing a resilience module for first year students (Locked)
    • A3 Where are the students? Connecting with them in the social media space (Locked)
    • A2 The 'Postgraduate Pathway': helping postgraduate students navigate the changing demands of future labour markets (Locked)
    • A9 'The University of the Future': Preparing for Curriculum Refresh (Locked)
  • Conference slides - Workshop Session B - Tuesday PM

    • B2 Preparing postgraduate taught students for 'transition shock' - a careers perspective (Locked)
    • B3 Designing, embedding and evaluating online careers and employability professional skills education prescribed for all undergraduate students (Locked)
    • B4 The Other 'F' Word: empowering students to grow through failure, adversity and challenge (Locked)
    • B5 Storytelling with video: using video to enhance careers support (Locked)
    • B6 The student takeover - where do we draw the line with peer support (Locked)
    • B7 Keeping mental health in mind (Locked)
    • B9 Scotgrad: partnering with enterprise agencies to support graduate placements (Locked)
    • B10 Medical Careers Advisory Network (MCAN) (Locked)
  • Conference slides - Workshop Session C - Wednesday AM

    • C2 Mental wellbeing and career planning: the case for collaboration (Locked)
    • C4 'We are the problem solvers and fixers': the identity, roles and development of HE careers information professionals (Locked)
    • C5 Careers registration: headlines for employability and careers professionals (Locked)
    • C6 Autism and employability (Locked)
    • C7 Grabbing a headline; careers of education works! (Locked)
    • C8 Post study work for international students without 'Post Study Work' (Locked)
    • C9 Designing and targeting a degree apprenticeship (Locked)
    • C10 Work Based Learning - Engagement, Reflection and Future Success (Locked)
  • Conference slides - Workshop Session D - Wednesday PM

    • D4 Early-career innovation: how graduates can drive change in SMEs (Locked)
    • D5 Shifting student self-confidence (Locked)
    • D6 The WP Graduate 'Manhattan Project': how we fused the elements of graduate recruitability, employability and job readiness around WP final years (Locked)
    • D7 "Choose life, choose a job, choose a career...": introducing career planning at first year induction talks through films (Locked)
    • D8 What do employers want from graduates and from the higher education sector? Lessons from the Employer Skills Survey and the Employer Perspectives Survey (Locked)
    • D10 Sprint-adapting our services to address gender inequality (Locked)
  • Conference slides - Workshop Session E - Thursday AM

    • E1 The challenges and opportunities in supporting the employability of international students (Locked)
    • E3 Legal education and qualification: understanding the changes for future solicitors and barristers (BSB) (Locked)
    • E3 Legal education and qualification: understanding the changes for future solicitors and barristers (SRA) (Locked)
    • E4 Through the looking glass: ensuring effective learning through reflective practice (Locked)
    • E4 Through the looking glass: ensuring effective learning through reflective practice (Locked)
    • E4 Through the looking glass: ensuring effective learning through reflective practice (Locked)
    • E8 An EdTech resonse to an age-old problem: enabling students to evaluate, articulate and improve their employability (Locked)
  • Conference slides - Workshop Session F - Thursday PM

    • F1 Engaging the unengaged by stealth: philosophy as a case study (Locked)
    • F3 Putting the "enhanced" into Technology Enhanced Learning (Locked)
    • F4 Developing careers provision through data analysis (Locked)
    • F6 'No Child Left Behind' (Locked)
    • F7 Adapting to the TEF: how social action can help students, universities and society (Locked)
    • F8 Enhancing the quality of remote feedback to students using screencasting technology (Locked)
  • Keynote Speaker Presentations

    • Dr Nalayini Thambar and David Winter (Locked)
    • Sheglah Green (Locked)
    • Charlie Ball (Locked)
    • Dan Cook (Locked)

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