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Facilitating students and graduates in presenting themselves for the 21st Century, Abertay

  1. Wed 23 Mar 16

    Like most of us, students and graduates increasingly interact online.  

    Many potential employers also market themselves and recruit online, whether via social media campaigns or through talent identification and matching via such services as provided by Gradintel and others.  LinkedIn, with over 17 million users in the UK (and student users as the fastest growing group) have a UK student hub, and they and many others provide opportunities for students to ‘market’ themselves.  New possibilities in holistic digital presentations are being developed nationally and internationally, and support developed for students to take advantage of these.

    Graduate recruiters are increasingly turning to video interviewing, or viewing video CVs.  And institutions are increasingly seeking to promote and recognise the wider achievements of their graduates and confirm these electronically, via the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) or such initiatives as Awards and Open Badges.

    This seminar, the sixth to be offered in collaboration by the Centre for Recording Achievement and the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services, and the first in Scotland, will feature stimulus contributions and extended opportunities for developmental discussions on how we might support students in navigating the ‘digital frontier’ from start to finish.

    An important emphasis will be upon demonstration and participation, in order that participants gain direct experience of the world our students increasingly inhabit, and how they can make the most of the opportunities it presents.

    This event is primarily aimed at those supporting students; however students and student representatives, (including AGCAS student members) will also be very welcome and we will include a ‘student rate’ in the booking form for this purpose.

    Bookings are now open

    Date(s) & Timing 23 Mar 2016
    Venue University of Abertay
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