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Resources in the Graduate Labour Market (GLaM) community by letter I

  1. Interviews with Dan Cook, HESA (2017) on the #NewDLHE

    During the AGCAS Heads of Service Conference 2017 AGCAS had the opportunity to interview Dan Cook from HESA to find out more about the #NewDLHE.

  2. Inspiring Policy: Graduate Outcomes and Social Mobility

    This paper includes contributions from over 20 leading thinkers from the university and employer sectors on the issue of social mobility in relation to graduate outcomes and progression into the professions.

  3. Interactive data visualisations of the UK’s creative economy

    Nesta has published two interactive data visualisations that describe the UK's creative economy. The data visualisations highlight the key features of this sector, answering two basic questions: where in the UK is the creative economy most concentrated and who works in the creative economy?

  4. Intentions After Graduation Survey 2013: Initial findings

    This report shows the results of the first Intentions After Graduation Survey (IAGS). The survey was offered to all online first degree respondents of the National Student Survey (NSS) and aimed to capture the intentions of final year undergraduates with respect to future study and employment options. This survey provides a baseline of the attitudes towards postgraduate study prior to surveying cohorts affected by the 2012 fee reforms.

  5. Implications of 'Dimensions of quality' in a market environment

    This report concerns the practical implications of the use of performance indicators for the way institutions are currently attempting to attract students, improve quality, improve 'value for money' and improve their relative standing in relation to educational provision.


  6. Is Graduate Under-employment Persistent? Evidence from the United Kingdom

    This paper examines the persistence of under-employment amongst UK higher education graduates. It draws on micro-data collected by the Higher Education Statistical Agency to calculate rates of 'non-graduate' employment six months and 42 months after graduation, among 2002-3 graduates.

  7. Inside Buzz

    Inside Buzz offers students and graduates the opportunity to browse thousands of quotes from actual employees. The website offers an inside view into companies, interviews, salary information and more for the accounting, banking, consulting and law sectors.

  8. INGRADA Global Graduate Recruitment Survey

    The INGRADA (International Network of Graduate Recruitment and Development Associations) Global Graduate Survey is based on surveys and market knowledge from six INGRADA member nations - USA, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa and the UK.

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