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University of Chichester launches new international student co-mentoring scheme

The University of Chichester will be launching a new initiative for home and international students from January 2013. This scheme will give students the opportunity to work collaboratively and co-tutor each other in language skills and cultural awareness.

The premise for a student to student co-mentoring scheme was initiated as a result of the international advisers identifying that many of the international students felt lonely and found it more difficult to integrate into university life than home students.

Developing cultural awareness

Chris Dancer, Head of the School for Enterprise, Leadership and Management, also recognised that the international students in his subject area seemed more detached from their class groups. He champions the idea of a scheme that will encourage a diversified community and comments:

"This is an innovative programme of support designed to develop local students' global and cultural awareness and to develop our international students' confidence and language skills. But, most of all, we aim to help both sets of students to integrate and to encourage an ethos of cooperation and understanding, and maybe form some lasting international friendships!"

Integrating international students

The scheme will be piloted by Melanie Hall, Head of Careers and Employability, Paivi Leivo and Maria O’Riordan, Student Support Services, and Sue Lavender, Head of Applied Language Studies. They will collaborate to teach students how to mentor effectively, improve their English and develop a wider understanding of different cultures.

The University of Chichester are proud to be running a scheme that will broaden students' cultural skills and understanding, and are delighted to announce that it will be turned into an accredited module for September 2014. It will also support the university's mission to increase employability figures, as it will be offered to students who are interested in teaching or who want to apply to teach English abroad on one of the many international schemes available.

For more information, contact: Melanie Hall, Head of Careers and Employability, University of Chichester.

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Created on: 10 September 2012

Last updated: 24 September 2012

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