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Careers services respond to Wilson Review

AGCAS welcomes the government's response to the Wilson Review. In its response, the government has announced that it will "provide some seed corn funding to support [AGR and AGCAS] to work in partnership on the implementing of Wilson review recommendations aimed at AGR and AGCAS. The BIS-sponsored AGR/AGCAS work will include action to raise awareness of the HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report)."

AGCAS President, Anne-Marie Martin, said:

"AGCAS is keen to assist delivery on many of the agendas. Careers and employability services offer fantastic services to assist students, graduates and employers to come together. Whether employers are seeking part-time, permanent, temporary employees or interns or volunteers, they should check out their local university careers service.  Many careers and employability services also support students to develop enterprise skills and to set up their own businesses or social enterprises."

A national centre for universities and business was also announced. As the voice of higher education careers and employability professionals who work at the interface between universities, businesses, students and graduates, AGCAS looks forward to working closely with the new organisation.

Implementing Wilson recommendations

AGCAS has recently been collecting evidence of how Wilson's recommendations are being implemented by its member HE careers and employability services across the UK. Here are examples:

Newcastle University's work to encourage employment in local
   SMEs together with enterprising graduates

Yorkshire Universities' Graduate Internship Scheme

University of Exeter's support for postgraduates and
   postdoctoral researchers

Glasgow Caledonian University addresses employability of
   international STEM students

Queen Mary, University of London, brokers work experience in
   local charities

University of Derby Careers Management Research Project

Empower with Plymouth University

If you have any queries about AGCAS' response to the Wilson Review, please contact Chris Jackson (0191 240 3525) in the first instance.

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