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Opportunity to join the Internationalisation Task Group

A vacancy has arisen in the AGCAS Internationalisation Task Group. Applications are invited from members who possess expertise in and a passion for developing the employability of international students and home students with an international career focus.

This is a very proactive group, who have had a role in delivering key PMI2 initiatives on behalf of AGCAS. The task group is continually looking for new ways to enhance the international student experience and to promote the internationalisation of home students. Applications are particularly welcome from members with plenty of ideas and energy to build on this solid foundation.  The role is demanding, and will require good organisation skills and commitment to balance the workload with your 'day job'. However, you will reap the benefits of collaborating within a diverse group of dedicated individuals, including careers professionals, international student advisers and international marketing managers.

If you are interested in joining this group, please email your CV and a covering letter to Yasmina Mallam-Hassam as soon as possible, or by Monday 26th September 2011 at the latest, outlining your reasons for wanting to join, as well as any relevant experience or attributes you would bring to the group.

Tags: international students internationalisation pmi2 agcas task group

Created on: 19 September 2011

Last updated: 19 September 2011

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