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John Moores WoWs with skills certificate in Malaysia

The Graduate Development Centre at Liverpool John Moores University is working with Malaysia's largest public university, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), to deliver a one-year pilot programme, funded by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, to offer the World of Work (WoW®) Skills Certificate to 100 students.

Dr Norsaadah Ismail, Director, Industry Relations Division, Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, comments:

"We at the Ministry of Higher Education feel that the WoW Skills Certificate will make our graduates more employable. We hope that through working as partners, the level of graduate employment will be enhanced."

Terry Dray, Director of GDC at John Moores, added:

"The WoW Skills Certificate requires students to reflect on their work-related skills and competence and confidently articulate to an employer interviewer their evidence to be an asset in the world of work. We have an excellent relationship with our Malaysian colleagues and are honoured to be working with them on such an important strategic agenda."

This article was first submitted to Phoenix (May 2011).    

Tags: malaysia graduate employment skills

Created on: 16 May 2011

Last updated: 17 May 2011

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