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Student immigration system - consultation open

A consultation document outlining major changes to the student immigration system has been published by the Home Office. The consultation sets out the government's aim to ensure that only genuine students who are committed to their academic study come to the UK.

The proposals include:

•    cancellation of Tier 1 General (closing one of the routes to continuing employment in the UK)
•    preventing international students from working anywhere but on campus during the week during term time
•    proposed closure of Tier 1 Post Study Work

If made law, these changes will have major implications for international students and their employability and make the role of the careers adviser in advising these students immeasurably harder as it would close off the major routes for international students to gain work experience and develop work-based skills. The impact on international student recruitment also needs to be considered, as the incentive to study in the UK with increased fees and little opportunity to gain skills required by employers back in their home countries would make the UK a less desirable education destination.

The closing date for responses is 31 January 2011. AGCAS members are free to respond individually and also to contact Margaret Dane, AGCAS CEO, and Yasmina Mallam-Hassam, Chair of the AGCAS Internationalisation Task Group, with feedback for the official AGCAS response.

Download the consultation document and response form.  

The AGCAS Internationalisation Task Group has compiled guidelines to help members understand the issues of the consultation so they have the key information with which to feed into the AGCAS response and formulate their own responses. The guidelines are available to download below.

  • Student immigration consultation downloads

    • Information to help with responding to the student immigration consultation (Locked)

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Created on: 13 December 2010

Last updated: 20 December 2010

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