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From China to the East Midlands

China - East Midlands: Business and Employment Possibilities, an event four years in the making, was conceived by a group of careers advisers based at universities in the East Midlands. The purpose of the event was to facilitate introductions and break down pre-conceived ideas held by both international students and potential employers of international students.

In collaboration with the East Midlands China Business Bureau, a regional development team responsible for encouraging trade and inward investment, the group focused on targeting those already trading with China, along with those eager to engage. The universities were tasked with recruiting students; EM China Desk business delegates.

Six weeks later, at the beginning of June, 250 students and graduates met 36 delegates representing a wide range of organisations for a day of keynote speakers and workshops at which businesses and students sat side by side, inter-dispersed with dedicated sessions, culminating with the infamous ‘opportunity to network over lunch’.

The day itself resulted in one company with pre-circulated vacancies being inundated with potential applicants. Other companies were equally amazed at the sheer volume of interest shown in them. This has led to follow up requests from many of the companies represented.

With this in mind, the group are starting to explore similar styled events on behalf of our elective mix of internationals and those wishing to engage with them.                              

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Created on: 14 July 2009

Last updated: 14 July 2009

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