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Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers consultation

The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers is being reviewed and views are being invited through an open consultation. This is an important document that provides guidance to Universities on how best to support the career development of their researchers. 

The AGCAS Research Student and Research Staff Task Group are responding to this consultation and are keen to invite the views of the wider AGCAS community to inform that response. We recognise that many of you will be contributing to a response to this consultation on behalf of your employer but we would value your input to the AGCAS response. 


As careers professionals who support research students and, in some cases, research staff we have specific insights into researchers experience of their research environment; the support provided for their professional and career development from PhD supervisors, research managers and other staff across the University; and the challenges they face when trying to progress their career either within or outside academia. 

The Task group is considering several recommendations that focus on the key role of the PhD supervisors and research managers in supporting career planning; as well as the issue of lack of good data on destinations of researchers (in particular research staff).  We would welcome your thoughts on: 

1. Any impact you think the Concordat has had on the researchers you work with 
2. The challenges researchers are facing which may not be sufficiently addressed in the Concordat 
3. Areas of the Concordat that may need updating or strengthened 
4. New principals that you think should be covered in the Concordat 

We would also welcome any general thoughts or insights around career development for researchers as a result of your work that we can use to inform our response.  For further information you can view the consultation questions and the concordat below. 

View the Consultation
View the Concordat 

Responses are invited to Sharon Maguire no later than Thursday 23 November 2017 to allow us time to submit a co-ordinated AGCAS response by the consultation deadline.

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Created on: 20 November 2017

Last updated: 20 November 2017

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