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AGCAS Membership Survey 2016: headline findings

The results are in from the AGCAS Membership Survey 2016, which took place earlier this year. The last survey took place in 2012 and since then AGCAS has welcomed many more member services and individual members. In order to reflect these changes, a new membership survey was planned and undertaken in early 2016. The results of the survey provide valuable insight into the priorities and needs of members, which will inform the development of the AGCAS strategy.

Survey questions

Some of the questions the survey sought to answer were:

•  Who are AGCAS members? What responsibilities do they fulfil? What support do they need from AGCAS?

•  How and to what degree do AGCAS members engage in AGCAS training, events, and networking?

•  Is there anything else AGCAS needs to do more of to meet members' needs and expectations?

•  How do AGCAS members use AGCAS communication platforms?

•  What are AGCAS members' views of the key issues in the sector?


The survey was developed with input from AGCAS staff and took the form of an online questionnaire, which was distributed to all 2,873 AGCAS members at universities across the country.

Key findings

The diversity of the AGCAS membership appears to be greater in the past few years compared to its early years. Fewer careers advisers worked in full-time, permanent posts compared to other roles such as heads of service, managers, admin/clerks, and professional coordinators/officers. AGCAS members' engagement and potential engagement with AGCAS activities generally increased compared to those in 2012.

AGCAS' traditional communication channels, such as Phoenix and ARENA, are still seen to be functioning well by members. However, members highlighted a need for AGCAS to better utilise social media (such as LinkedIn Groups and Twitter) to engage members further.  

Top five benefits

The top five most important AGCAS benefits to members remained the same as those highlighted in the 2012 survey:

•  AGCAS training courses, events and conferences.
•  'Support that enables me to do my job better'.
•  'Being kept up to date about things I need to know by AGCAS'.
•  AGCAS website and links to other useful resources.
•  AGCAS and task group publications and resources for practitioners.

Areas for further improvement

The following areas were highlighted as needing to be improved by AGCAS:

•  Being 'more inclusive of non-traditional careers consultant members' and provide better support to them.

•  Having a better image as a professional body and to represent the sector by lobbying decision makers in the UK, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish parliaments and senior management leaders in HEIs.

•  A 'more user-friendly website'.

•  Running more regional events.

•  Applying technologies in training/events and communication.

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Created on: 24 August 2016

Last updated: 26 August 2016

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