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  1. 19 Sep 2016

    University league table employability rankings: a critical review

    A study analysing the process of finding out which are the best and worst universities in the UK for graduate employment. This study critically reviews the employability measure used in the rankings and national league tables and its subsequent reporting in public news and commentary sources, such as national and local media, student and advisory websites as well as universities and the publishers themselves.

  2. 11 Nov 2015

    Understanding Employers' Graduate Recruitment and Selection Practices

    This research paper examines the approach to graduate recruitment adopted by employers and how this has evolved in recent years. The study aims to explore patterns in graduate recruitment, behaviours of graduate employers and interactions between graduate employers and universities.

  3. 13 Nov 2017

    Using your language skills

    Using your language skills, produced by AGCAS in partnership with GTI Media, provides an overview of the many different careers and job roles across the public and private sector that are available to graduates with language skills.

  4. 1 Oct 2014

    Understanding how people choose to pursue taught postgraduate study

    This research, commissioned by HEFCE, explores how prospective postgraduate students, particularly those who have spent time away from higher education, make decisions about postgraduate study (PGT).

  5. 10 Sep 2014

    Unlocking Scotland's Full Potential: boosting skills, wages, equality and growth

    This paper assesses recent economic developments in Scotland, particularly in the labour market, and the outlook for the months and years ahead.

  6. 20 Aug 2014

    Understanding a 'career in careers': Learning from an analysis of current job and person specifications

    This paper seeks to map the range of roles within the career development sector and to understand the relationships that exist between them. The aim is to provide a greater understanding of the nature of the roles within the careers labour market. 

  7. 10 Feb 2014

    UK Commission's Employer Skills Survey 2013: UK Results

    The UK Commission's Employer Skills Survey (UKCESS) provides a comprehensive picture of skills needs and training investment in UK business. Topics covered in the survey include training and staff development, vacancies and skills shortages, employee skill gaps and the recruitment of education leavers.

  8. 12 Aug 2014

    UK Quality Code for Higher Education

    The UK Quality Code for Higher Education (the Quality Code) sets out the expectations that all providers of UK higher education are required to meet to ensure that: appropriate and effective teaching, support, assessment and learning resources are provided for students; the learning opportunities provided are monitored; and  the provider considers how to improve them.

  9. 12 Mar 2013

    Using audio feedback in careers work: Useful tips and advice

    The aim of this guide is to disseminate good practice and to share tips and suggestions from AGCAS colleagues on the use of audio clips to give CV feedback. The advice is based on research that explored existing practice and potential improvements to using audio feedback in careers work.

  10. 24 Jan 2013

    University access for disadvantaged children: A comparison across English speaking countries

    This Department of Quantitative Social Science Working Paper compares widening access policies in England, Canada, Australia and the United States and considers whether certain countries are particularly adept (or particularly poor) at getting children from disadvantaged homes to study for a bachelor's degree.

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