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  1. 28 Jun 2017

    Review of technology platforms used by AGCAS member services

    A survey based on feedback from AGCAS Link surveys carried out in early May 2017.

  2. 30 Sep 2016

    Representing AGCAS internationally

    This document outlines the eligibility of AGCAS members to represent AGCAS on an international stage. This is in line with the internationalisation strand of the proposed AGCAS strategy 2016 - 2019, which sees internationalisation as a key strategic priority in order for AGCAS to become experts in graduate international labour markets.

  3. 17 May 2017

    Recruiting International Graduates - A Guide for Employers

    This guide has been prepared by the lnternationalisation Task Group, in association with Gya Williams Immigration, to help employers consider recruiting international graduates from UK universities. Its aim is to provide an overview of the key schemes in place in April 2016.

  4. 22 Jan 2016

    Review of Tier 2

    In 2015, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) was commissioned to review Tier 2 of the points-based system to address concerns about the rising number of migrants in that route and reliance on them to fill shortages. The review was split into two parts:

    Analysis of Salary Thresholds

    Balancing migrant selectivity, investment in skills and impacts on UK productivity and competitiveness

  5. 4 Jul 2017

    Resources and support for potential teachers with a disability

    The AGCAS Teaching and Related Professions Task Group has produced a guide collating resources and support for students and graduates with disabilities who are thinking of entering the teaching profession.

  6. 23 Mar 2015

    Research to Assess the Nature and Annual Value of Student Start-Ups

    This report on student/graduate business start-ups, commissioned by HEFCE, examines student enterprise, including student start-ups and the contribution of students to spin-outs, from English HEIs.

  7. 9 Jan 2014

    Recognising achievement beyond the curriculum: A toolkit for enhancing strategy and practice

    The QAA has worked with practitioners (including members of the AGCAS Skills Award Task Group, the Centre for Recording Achievement and NUS representatives) across the higher education sector to produce a practical toolkit that HE providers can use to reflect on what they do to recognise student achievement beyond the curriculum, particularly in the form of an award scheme.

  8. 2 Jun 2014

    RCUK Careers in Research

    The Research Councils UK (RCUK) has launched the RCUK Careers in Research website. The site, aimed at young people, hosts an online suite of stories providing an insight into life as a researcher and the different career paths researchers' take.

  9. 29 Apr 2013

    Resources Register

    This resource has been produced by the AGCAS Careers Information Specialists Group (CISG) as a way of facilitating discussions between those members who have experience of using a resource/service, and those who are exploring their options with a view to investing.

  10. 31 Oct 2012

    Raising aspirations and smoothing transitions: The role of Careers Education and Careers Guidance in tackling youth unemployment

    This report examines changes to services coming into effect as part of the Education Act, and concludes that they are likely to severely compromise the quality and availability of provision. Drawing on an evaluation of the previous Connexions service, it sets out a plan for ensuring young people receive the careers support they need.

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