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  1. 25 Oct 2011

    Looking to the Future

    Careers England has published a report, Looking to the Future. One of its primary purposes is to bring together evidence relevant to career guidance provision in the light of the proposals in the current Education Bill before parliament. The aim is to inform peers who are considering the Bill in its final stages in the House of Lords, as well as MPs, on the further debates due to follow in the Commons, and the potential implementation of the Bill’s provisions should it become law.

  2. 26 Apr 2011


    LawCareers.Net is a market-leading resource providing key information and guidance to prospective lawyers (and their advisers). In-depth editorial, a comprehensive directory of over 1,250 employers, a weekly newsletter and practical research tools all explain recent analysis which shows that this is the most popular site among candidates.

    This is a paid for advertisement - AGCAS does not endorse this item or other external products or services.

  3. 11 May 2012

    Loughborough University PMI2 China visit

    In 2010, representatives from Loughborough University's Careers and Employability Centre visited Tsinghua University in China as part of a PMI2 project looking at the employability of UK-educated Chinese graduates. The aims of the visit were to add to the existing knowledge collected about employer perspectives of Chinese returning graduates and also to develop insights into careers provision for Chinese students, particularly those looking to study and work overseas.

  4. 19 Mar 2012

    Legal Profession Task Group Newsletter

    The AGCAS Legal Profession Task Group produces a regular newsletter to keep members informed of developments in the legal profession in relation to student applications to courses and entry to the graduate labour market. 

  5. 15 Oct 2012

    Latest news from HESA (PowerPoint)

    This is a presentation from Catherine Benfield of HESA detailing their latest news. The presentation was delivered at the AGCAS North West DLHE Training Day in July 2009.


  6. 22 Jun 2010


    LINK-UP provided information to staff delivering HE and post-16 advice in schools and colleges. Written by members of the AGCAS Education Liaison Task Group, it was designed to keep teachers and advisers up-to-date on specific issues.

  7. 11 Aug 2009

    Labour Market Mismatch Among UK Graduates

    This report analyses the extent to which graduates are mismatched in the labour market and the reasons for this. It uses data to examine the labour market status of graduates five years after graduation and distinguishes between first and current job, over/underqualification and over/underskilling, as well as including a range of questions on the nature of work organisation and individual competences.

  8. 14 Dec 2010

    Life After Graduation: A guide to jobs, work experience, volunteering and further study after graduation

    This government-funded publication outlines the range of options available to new graduates after they leave university. It aims to help graduates with the process of finding and applying for graduate jobs and offers information about other opportunities, such as further study at home or abroad.

  9. 30 Jun 2008

    London Media Round-up

    This is a regularly updated digest of recent items in the media relating to careers education, information, advice and guidance, higher education and the graduate labour market in London. 

  10. 22 Dec 2008

    Legal Toolkit

    The Legal Toolkit has been compiled by members of the AGCAS Legal Profession Task Group (from materials supplied by AGCAS members). It is intended for use by careers professionals to inform and enhance their work with students and graduates wth an interest in the legal profession. 

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