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  1. 23 Jan 2017

    Interviews with Dan Cook, HESA (2017) on the #NewDLHE

    During the AGCAS Heads of Service Conference 2017 AGCAS had the opportunity to interview Dan Cook from HESA to find out more about the #NewDLHE.

  2. 10 Jun 2016

    International Higher Education in Facts and Figures 2016

    This handy booklet includes key statistics on international students and higher education. Facts and figures cover a range of areas, from where international students want to study, to which countries undertake most internationally-collaborative research.

  3. 22 Feb 2016

    Inspiring Policy: Graduate Outcomes and Social Mobility

    This paper includes contributions from over 20 leading thinkers from the university and employer sectors on the issue of social mobility in relation to graduate outcomes and progression into the professions.

  4. 22 Dec 2014

    Interactive data visualisations of the UK’s creative economy

    Nesta has published two interactive data visualisations that describe the UK's creative economy. The data visualisations highlight the key features of this sector, answering two basic questions: where in the UK is the creative economy most concentrated and who works in the creative economy?

  5. 27 Nov 2014

    Intentions After Graduation Survey 2013: Initial findings

    This report shows the results of the first Intentions After Graduation Survey (IAGS). The survey was offered to all online first degree respondents of the National Student Survey (NSS) and aimed to capture the intentions of final year undergraduates with respect to future study and employment options. This survey provides a baseline of the attitudes towards postgraduate study prior to surveying cohorts affected by the 2012 fee reforms.

  6. 13 Oct 2014

    International comparisons in postgraduate education: quality, access and employment outcomes

    This report is the outcome of a study to compare postgraduate education in eight countries: Australia, England, Germany, India, Norway, Scotland, Spain and the United States. The study focused on taught (PGT) and research (PGR) postgraduate programmes, and aimed to reflect the range of postgraduate degrees (masters and doctorate), diplomas and certificates.

  7. 22 Sep 2014

    Integration of International Students: A UK Perspective

    This report examines the importance of international student integration in the context of the UK higher education sector, international student decision-making and the UK student perspective. Alongside insight into trends in international student decision-making, the report features the results of an exclusive survey which provides an understanding of UK student perceptions on the integration of international students.

  8. 26 Aug 2014

    International students and the UK immigration debate

    This report proves that there is strong public support for international student migration, and that people seem to understand the economic and educational benefits brought to Britain by those who come here to study.

  9. 27 Jun 2014

    Improving Diversity in STEM

    This report brings together data and research from the last five years to build a picture of the current state of diversity in STEM, from education to the workforce. The findings show that it is still the case that women, disabled people and those from ethnic minorities or socially-disadvantaged groups are consistently under-represented, particularly at senior levels, in science and engineering.


  10. 14 Jan 2013

    Implications of 'Dimensions of quality' in a market environment

    This report concerns the practical implications of the use of performance indicators for the way institutions are currently attempting to attract students, improve quality, improve 'value for money' and improve their relative standing in relation to educational provision.


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