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  1. 16 Apr 2016

    How English domiciled graduate earnings vary with gender, institution attended, subject and socio-economic background

    This paper looks at the link between earnings and students' background, degree subject and university attended. It examines to what extent the observed variations are driven just by prior attainment as opposed to course or institution of study, as well as to what extent family background influences future earnings, and even given course and institution. 

  2. 6 May 2014

    Higher education in England 2014: Analysis of latest shifts and trends

    This report aims to provide an overview of recent shifts and trends, building a picture of higher education in England in 2014 and a sense of how it got to where it is. It highlights some of the changes affecting students, courses, and universities and colleges and also considers possible further changes and continuities in the year ahead.

  3. 6 May 2014

    Higher Education as a tool of social mobility: Reforming the delivery of HE and measuring professional graduate output success

    This paper looks at current government policy on social mobility with particular reference to higher education. It suggests that government policy over a substantial number of years has been too limited in scope, focusing narrowly on university entrance for 'non-traditional' students rather than their subsequent academic and job success.

  4. 14 Jan 2014

    Historians on Teaching

    This site features historians in Europe, Australia and North America talking about their lives as university teachers. The short clips illustrate their hopes and fears, satisfactions and challenges, ideals and compromises, successes and mistakes.

  5. 9 Jan 2014

    Higher Education Review: themes for 2013-15

    This QAA paper announces the themes for the 2013-15 Higher Education Review and gives further information and guidance about how these themes will feature in the review process.

  6. 11 Dec 2013

    How should we measure higher education? A fundamental review of the Performance Indicators

    The UK Performance Indicators (UKPIs) for higher education provide information on the nature and performance of the HE sector in the UK. A fundamental review of the UKPIs was commissioned by the UK Performance Indicators Steering Group (UKPISG) in early 2013. The overarching aim of the research was to review the rationale, purpose and policy drivers of the UKPIs, the usage and the users of the UKPIs, and whether the existing UKPIs were still fit for purpose.

  7. 24 Jul 2013

    Higher education and beyond: Outcomes from full-time first degree study

    This report examines the degree outcomes and employment circumstances of young UK-domiciled students starting a full-time first degree course in 2006-07 at a higher education institution.

  8. 4 Jul 2013

    Higher Education Empirical Research (HEER) Database

    The Higher Education Empirical Research (HEER) Database comprises summaries of the latest published research on a range of topics related to higher education. It is aimed at policymakers, academics and researchers in higher education. The database is free to register and is fully searchable by theme, publisher and date.

  9. 24 Jun 2013

    HR Strategies for Researchers: A review of the HR Excellence in Research Award implementation activities across Europe

    This report reviews plans set out by universities and research funders across Europe to improve the working conditions and career development of researchers as part of the 'HR Excellence in Research' Award process.

  10. 7 Jun 2013

    Higher Education – Business and Community Interaction Survey

    This analysis by HEFCE of the twelfth annual Higher Education – Business and Community Interaction (HE-BCI) survey shows that the total value of the services that UK universities provide to the economy and society increased by 4 per cent to £3.4 billion in 2011-12, from £3.3 billion in 2010-11.

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