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  1. 12 Feb 2014

    Global Graduates into Global Leaders

    This report - Global Graduates into Global Leaders - explores the topic of global graduate employability and the ways in which UK universities can work with businesses to ensure that future graduates meet the expectations of global and international employers (including SMEs who operate across territories).

  2. 17 Aug 2011

    Graduate Career Stories

    Students looking to secure their first graduate job need more than just labour market information; they also need to understand how the graduate labour market operates. In order to illustrate the complexity of the graduate labour market, HECSU invited 100 graduate employees to describe their route to their current roles. 

  3. 23 May 2011

    Graduate Internship Programme (GIP): Internal evaluation

    This report presents Northern Ireland's evaluation of their Graduate Internship Programme (GIP). It sets out the findings and conclusions reached based on the research and analysis of the evidence collected during the evaluation process. The report also sets out recommendations for any future delivery of a GIP.

  4. 9 Feb 2011

    Guide to Widening Access Schemes in Medical Schools

    This guide contains an overview of the widening access schemes run by medical schools in the UK. It is aimed at pre-entry students from less advantaged backgrounds who have an interest in medicine and the potential to be a doctor.

  5. 21 Sep 2010

    Graduates and the Job Market - What happens after they graduate?

    AGCAS asked labour market analyst Michael Spayne of Focus LMi to have a look at the DLHE longitudinal data for 2005 graduates to see how different the position looked after six months - and then again after a further three years. His report focuses on historical and philosophical studies, law, and communications and documentation graduates.

  6. 15 Jun 2009

    Global Horizons: Recruiting international students and graduates from UK universities

    This PMI2-commissioned report outlines how universities and businesses can work together to develop more globally-aware graduates. The focus of the report is on the issues for UK employers in recruiting international students and graduates who have been studying at UK higher education institutions (HEIs). 

  7. 13 Mar 2009

    Guidelines on Managing University Recruitment Events

    AGCAS's Employer Liaison Specialists Group (ELSG) has produced guidelines on managing the risks associated with recruitment events.

  8. 15 Oct 2012

    Guidelines for Creating an Inclusive Information Room

    The aim of this guide is to provide an overview of how to create an inclusive, accessible, integrated careers information room. It charts the experience of Newcastle University Careers Service in its attempts to improve the provision of disability-related information and offers tips and advice to other services, as well as sharing good practice.

  9. 4 Nov 2008

    Graduate Employability: What do employers think and want?

    This report is the conclusion of a pilot study of nearly 250 employers by i-graduate on behalf of The Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE). Covering large, medium and small employers, the study highlights the skills and experiences employers look for when recruiting graduates.

  10. 14 Nov 2013

    Going Global

    Going Global deals with the internationalisation of the employability agenda and is designed for use by careers professionals advising both home and international students. 

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