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  1. 3 Jul 2017

    First-Year Student Careers and Employability Survey Report

    Based on a pilot survey undertaken in a UK university in November 2015, the First-Year Student Careers and Employability Survey Report was produced by the AGCAS Research Group in early 2016. The report includes students' prior experience of careers support, current views on careers and employability, future intentions of accessing career related activities and opportunities, and their confidence level in practical aspects of employability.

  2. 1 Oct 2014

    Forging Futures: Building higher level skills through university and employer collaboration

    This report shows how universities and employers are building diverse and innovative collaborations across the UK to create alternative pathways and opportunities for people to develop relevant and valuable higher-level skills. The report considers how effective collaboration is delivered and what the important stages are in this process. 

  3. 4 Apr 2013

    Financial Scrutiny Unit Briefing: Labour Market Update

    This Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) briefing provides analysis of the current state of the Scottish labour market. This survey (February 2013) focuses on the reasons people are not participating in the labour market.

  4. 31 Jan 2013

    Future skills supply and demand in Europe: Forecast 2012

    This report analyses results of Cedefop's latest skill supply and demand forecasts up to 2020. The forecasts aim to provide evidence on future labour market developments to help to make informed decisions. They identify major economic and socio-demographic trends and examine their implications for labour market sectors, occupations and qualifications.

  5. 23 Oct 2012

    Findings of 2011 Global Career Brainstorming Day: Trends for the Now, the New and the Next in Careers

    In October 2011, more than 250 career professionals from the UK, United States and Canada met in 15 live and virtual events. Their objective was to brainstorm best practices, innovations, trends, new programmes, new processes and other observations that are currently impacting, and projected to impact, global employment, job search and career management. 

  6. 15 Oct 2012

    Frontline: Improving the children's social work profession

    This paper argues that a graduate fast-track programme, drawing on the success of the Teach First scheme, could help to address the problems facing the children's social work profession. Frontline would help to attract the best people into one of Britain’s toughest professions, and in the long term create a movement of leaders to challenge social disadvantage.

  7. 31 May 2012

    Fair Access to Professional Careers: A progress report

    In 2009, Alan Milburn, Chair of the Panel on Fair Access, reported on what the UK's professions were doing to aid and abet social mobility in the UK. Unleashing Aspiration made 88 recommendations to professions, employers, universities, schools and government. This new report, Fair Access to Professional Careers, documents what has changed since then.

  8. 23 Mar 2012

    Flexible entry into higher education (Scotland)

    This report, prepared by the Scottish Funding Council, summarises the potential to grow flexible entry routes to higher education in Scotland.

  9. 28 Apr 2011

    Fostering employability skills in postgraduate students' practice and research

    This report presents two case studies that showcase the immediate need to develop employability skills at postgraduate level: the Glamorgan Business School postgraduate employability programme; and filling the research skills needs gap in the environment sector.

  10. 27 Jan 2011

    Funding for IAG Services for Young People in England

    This briefing note sets out the concerns of the UK Careers Sector Strategic Forum about the funding and transition arrangements for IAG for young people in England and about the responsibilities of schools.

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