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  1. 22 Oct 2012

    Economics Graduates' Skills and Employability: Final study report

    This report, based on an employers' survey and interviews, explores the graduate skills of economics graduates. The main focus of the survey was on employers currently employing economics graduates, both as economists and in related roles.

  2. 24 Aug 2012

    Employer Engagement in Undergraduate Mathematics

    This booklet reports on nine projects relating to employer engagement supported by the Maths, Stats and OR Network (MSOR) as part of the National HE STEM Programme. It provides a summary of work in mathematical sciences HE curriculum innovation focusing on developing graduate and employability skills by involving employers.

  3. 14 Aug 2012

    Employment and the Internet

    This report provides a baseline of data around employment and digital technology. Digital technology is seen as an important driver in the changing structure of employment - not only in the ways in which technology has been integrated into existing organisations and roles, but the ways in which the use of digital technologies have opened up new markets and types of employment. This report maps emerging employment patterns that may provide opportunities to rethink how we address current levels of unemployment and underemployment.

  4. 9 Jul 2012

    Extending Choices to Maximise Chances

    This paper is based on the 14th iCeGS Annual Lecture, during which Michael Davis set out his vision for the future of careers work and challenged the careers sector to think about how it could contribute to the creation of an economically-relevant learning and skills system.

  5. 13 Feb 2012

    Employment Survey Report: Probationer Teachers (Scotland)

    This report is based on a survey exploring teachers' experiences of obtaining employment once they have gained the standard for full registration with the General Teaching Council (GTC) for Scotland and become eligible to apply for a permanent teaching post in Scotland. 

  6. 1 Feb 2012

    Evaluation Practices and Impact Evidence of Careers Activities for Research Staff

    A number of careers services offer specialised careers support to research staff. The aim of this AGCAS Research Staff Task Group project was to collate and review evaluation evidence for this client group. The project report includes an overview of types of evidence collected, as well as some suggestions for developing and sharing practice in this area.

  7. 1 Feb 2012

    Employer ownership of skills: Securing a sustainable partnership for the long term

    This paper sets out the UK Commission for Employment and Skills' (UKCES) vision for what employer ownership means and how it has the potential to transform skills in England. It outlines why skills matter, the current system, five principles for reform, proposals, benefits and a call to action to employers to come forward with their own propositions for how to step up and take responsibility for employer-based training such as apprenticeships.

  8. 7 Dec 2011

    Employment and skills in the North of England

    This paper provides an analysis of some of the key employment and skills challenges facing the economies of the North of England. It begins by briefly considering what an employment and skills focused vision for the North of England might look like, and presents some options for the sorts of goals that might be aspired to.

  9. 8 Nov 2011

    Employability of Postgraduate Research Students

    This paper from the Thinkpiece series examines the need for and value of postgraduate research skills. It looks at developments such as the rise in professional doctorates, issues surrounding employability funding, the changing landscape of postgraduate research and risks and opportunities for postgraduate research, and raises a number of questions for the future.

  10. 8 Aug 2011

    Earnings Returns to the British Education Expansion

    This study examines the effects of the large expansion in British educational attainment that took place for cohorts born between 1970 and 1975. The focus in this study is twofold: first, it explores how educational attainment changed throughout the educational distribution for these cohorts; second, it examines how the wages of affected cohorts were impacted by the changes in educational opportunities.

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