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  1. 23 Jun 2017

    Embedding Skills Development into the postgraduate curriculum.

    This case study focussed on a pilot project at the University of Warwick, which brings together academic staff and professional services to create and deliver more relevant, tailored support within postgraduate programmes.

  2. 10 Jun 2016

    Enterprise and entrepreneurship blog

    The AGCAS Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Task Group produces a monthly blog aimed at higher education careers professionals interested in the latest developments in entreprise and entrepreneurship.

  3. 11 Feb 2016

    Engineering UK 2016: The state of engineering

    The Engineering UK report, now in its 18th year, analyses the engineering industry's capacity for growth and details engineering in education, training and employment. It provides the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) community, government, industry and the third sector with a compelling evidence base across the STEM continuum.

  4. 30 Nov 2015

    Ethical use of social networking technologies in career services

    This paper examines the use of social networking technologies (SNTs) in career services and related professions. It encourages careers professionals to reflect on the benefits and challenges of using SNTs in careers service practice and to discuss strategies to enhance services and experiences for clients. 

  5. 24 Feb 2015

    Entrepreneurship Education: A road to success

    This report provides a compilation of evidence from 23 countries, including the UK, on the impact of entrepreneurship education strategies and measures. The prevailing impression that emerged from the evidence collected is that entrepreneurship education works.

  6. 19 Jan 2015

    Employer Engagement: Emerging Practice from QAA Reviews

    This report provides an overview of emerging practice in relation to the engagement that takes place between higher education providers and employers (employer engagement) in order to support UK higher education providers in enhancing their practice.

  7. 22 Dec 2014

    Earning by Degrees: Differences in the career outcomes of UK graduates

    This report examines how graduate career outcomes differ depending on the subject they studied and the university they attended. It shows the differences in earnings from different types of university in terms of starting salaries and earnings three and a half years after graduation.

  8. 24 Nov 2014

    Exploring the synergistic potential in entrepreneurial university development: towards the building of a strategic framework

    This article aims to provide a framework for exploration of a strategic approach to entrepreneurial university development. It draws on earlier reviews by the author of the entrepreneurial concept and of the now considerable global literature on the theme of the entrepreneurial university, although there is a strong focus in this article on the UK.

  9. 21 Nov 2014

    Enterprise and entrepreneurship education: Guidance for UK higher education providers

    This guidance has been developed by representatives drawn from, and acting on behalf of, the enterprise education community, with support from the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). It is intended to be of practical help to those working with students in higher education to foster their skills in enterprise and entrepreneurship.

  10. 10 Nov 2014

    Early Destinations of Students Qualifying from Scottish Higher Education Institutions 2012-13

    This publication presents information from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey for Scottish domiciled leavers and leavers from Scottish HEIs. It reports on the destinations of 2012-13 leavers, six months after qualifying, with time series analysis available for two years.

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