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  1. 30 Jan 2015

    Construction Skills Network - Blueprint for Construction 2015-2019

    The CITB's Construction Skills Network (CSN) has published new labour market research on the UK construction industry, giving the industry and its stakeholders the information it needs to plan for the next five years.

  2. 26 Jan 2015

    Careers Review 2014: A report by an independent panel of experts from education and employers on careers education and guidance in Northern Ireland

    The Department for Employment and Learning and the Department of Education (Northern Ireland) have published this report by an independent panel, which outlines the findings from their review of careers education and guidance in Northern Ireland.

  3. 28 Aug 2014

    Crafting the present for future employability

    This booklet, produced by the Association of Higher Education Careers Services in Ireland (AHECS), contains an innovative and contemporary design for an employability module. It includes detailed guidance to support the delivery of eight workshops. It is designed to help those currently engaged in or considering such work and can be adapted for different contexts, as needed.

  4. 16 May 2014

    Closing the Gap: unlocking opportunity through higher education

    The focus of this paper is on how to overcome the disadvantages that make people from lower socio-economic groups less likely to progress on the career ladder than those from more advantaged backgrounds. It examines the economic and social imperatives for widening participation, tackling some of the myths that exist around social mobility and higher education and looking at where universities are really adding value and supporting students into successful careers.

  5. 7 Apr 2014

    Career Portfolios and the Labour Market for Graduates and Postgraduates in the UK

    This is the first in a series of NCUB reports commissioned by HEFCE on business requirements for graduate and postgraduate skills. The report found that, in some sectors, degree subject is no longer sufficient to identify the best candidates and that, in a modern economy, employers seek agile staff who can adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

  6. 10 Feb 2014

    Career Planning for Research Bioscientists

    Career Planning for Research Bioscientists, written by Sarah Blackford, is an essential careers guide for bioscience doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers. It contains a wealth of information and resources specifically targeted at research bioscientists, with practical strategies to enhance career success in an increasingly competitive job market. Advice on how to write a winning CV together with examples adapted for different jobs is presented, as well as practical exercises to assist with skills analysis and decision making.

  7. 18 Nov 2013

    Collecting and using case studies within careers work

    This resource provides an overview of how to create and use case studies in a variety of guidance settings. In particular, it highlights the use of institutional DLHE data as one of the ways to source alumni profiles for use as case studies, including suggested approaches for both collecting the data and pre-empting any data protection issues.

  8. 24 Jan 2014

    Common Best Practice Code for High-Quality Internships

    This code has been developed for employers in response to Unleashing Aspiration: The Final Report of the Panel on Fair Access to the Professions. It describes the core elements required in order to obtain maximum benefit from internships for both interns and employers.

  9. 3 Sep 2013

    Careers Education Skills Resource Sheets

    The AGCAS Careers Education Task Group has published a new collection of skills resource sheets. The material has been produced from samples of good practice in careers education provided by AGCAS members.

  10. 14 Jan 2013

    Career support for career developers: a review of the literature

    This review aims to synthesise careers guidance and organisational literature in order to identify how universities can meet the careers and employability needs of partā€time students in employment ('career developers').

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