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  1. 24 Nov 2015

    Bridging the skills gap in the in the biopharmaceutical industry

    This report from the ABPI provides a detailed analysis of the areas where UK pharmaceutical companies are struggling to recruit for high skilled roles due to low numbers of applicants and/or insufficient good quality candidates.

  2. 2 Jun 2015

    Beyond the PhD

    Beyond the PhD offers thought provoking personal and professional insights into life after the PhD. It looks at the wide range of pathways taken by those with a PhD in an arts and humanities discipline. Beyond the PhD was developed as a career resource for arts and humanities PhD researchers by the UK Centre for Career Management Studies (CCMS).

  3. 20 Mar 2015

    Building a Creative Nation: The Next Decade

    This report explores what current literature reveals about the future skills needs of the creative and cultural industries. It aims to synthesise the current drivers of change the sector is facing, and review what the literature is anticipating about future skills needs and gaps.

  4. 24 Mar 2014

    Building a Creative Nation: Evidence Review

    This paper sets out the current context of youth unemployment and the social mobility crisis currently faced by the UK, before looking at the potential of the creative industries in helping to alleviate some of these issues, along with an examination of some policy areas which might better serve job creation in this area.

  5. 25 Feb 2014

    BIS Performance Indicators: The gap between the proportion of young graduates from professional backgrounds who go on to a "graduate job" 6 months after graduating and young graduates from non-professional backgrounds

    This indicator provides one way of looking at the issue of how to ensure a more socially mobile society: are graduates from less advantaged backgrounds as able to enter 'graduate jobs' as their peers from more advantaged backgrounds? 

  6. 29 Jul 2013

    Building online employability: A guide for academic departments

    This publication has been produced to disseminate what has been learnt through running the Social Media Internship Programme (SMIP) at the University of Derby. It is intended to help academic departments to support students to think about their careers and to use the online environment wisely.

  7. 27 Mar 2013

    Biopharma Skills Consortium (BSC) Placements Resources

    The Biopharma Skills Consortium (BSC) has launched an online tool dedicated to helping students seeking work placements and graduate employment within the life sciences industry.

  8. 28 Jan 2013

    Businesses in Scotland 2012

    This publication provides information on the number of enterprises (businesses) operating in Scotland. Its main purpose is to provide an estimate of Scotland's business stock, which is broken down by various dimensions including industry, business size, local authority area, urban/rural area and country of ownership. The publication covers all enterprises that operate in Scotland regardless of where the business is based.

  9. 21 Aug 2013

    Bringing it all together: Introducing the HEAR

    This final report of the Burgess Implementation Steering Group seeks official endorsement from Universities UK and GuildHE for the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) to be adopted sector-wide for students entering higher education in the academic year 2012-13. It outlines HEAR and the additional information it provides as something that is valued by institutions, students and employers.


  10. 2 May 2012

    Business and Schools: Building the world of work together

    This report presents the key findings from research carried out by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) to look at the perceptions and experiences of businesses when working with schools to build the world of work into education. They have focused on how businesses influence the design and delivery of the curriculum, provide work experience and raise awareness of careers.

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