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  1. 10 Feb 2014

    A career postcode lottery? Local authority provision of youth and career support following the 2011 Education Act

    This study focuses attention on the experiences of local authorities (LAs) and their staff in dealing with the recent changes in the delivery of career support to young people. The aim was to explore the current scale and nature of LA careers activities with a view to providing a picture of LA responses to the policy changes.

  2. 25 Sep 2013

    Adult Career Decision-Making: Qualitative Research

    This report presents the findings of research into adult career decision-making. The study was undertaken by the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) and explores how adults make career decisions and their awareness, use of and satisfaction with the support available. The research was qualitative and included a literature review.

  3. 22 Aug 2013

    Analysis of the latest economic growth and labour market figures for Scotland

    This Briefing Note, published by the Centre for Public Policy for Regions, examines the latest figures for Scottish economic growth and the labour market. 

  4. 22 Aug 2013

    Are Degrees Worth Higher Fees? Perceptions of the Financial Benefits of Entering Higher Education

    This paper explores the extent to which the costs and potential financial benefits of studying for a degree motivate applicants to higher education in their decision of whether to apply and, if so, what subject to study and where. 

  5. 19 Jun 2013

    A critical path: Securing the future of higher education in England

    This report sets out how Britain can continue to expand and reform higher education, protecting research and learning through austerity while ensuring that the sector is equipped to play a leading role in economic and social renewal in the future.

  6. 20 May 2013

    A Manifesto for the Creative Economy

    The aim of this manifesto is to identify what policymakers, educators, businesses and regulators need to do to ensure that the UK's creative economy thrives in the coming decade. It provides an analysis of the creative economy in the UK and sets out ideas for policy and progression.

  7. 12 Mar 2013

    A disaggregated analysis of the long run impact of vocational qualifications

    This report analyses the long-term effect of vocational education and training on labour market outcomes. It provides a disaggregated analysis of the earnings and employment returns associated with vocational qualifications broken down by age of attainment, mode of attainment, and whether the qualification is full or non-full.

  8. 14 Jan 2013

    After restructuring: Labour markets, working conditions and life satisfaction

    This report analyses the consequences of restructuring for the individual employee. Specifically, it examines which employees lost their job at the onset of the recent economic crisis, which of them found a new job and how these events, job loss and subsequent re-employment impacted on their overall personal situation and life satisfaction.

  9. 31 Oct 2012

    Analysis of the Points Based System

    The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) was commissioned by the government earlier this year to review the Tier 2 codes of practice, which set out the conditions employers must follow when recruiting workers from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). This report presents the MAC's findings and key recommendations.

  10. 13 Jul 2012

    A Picture of Health and Education

    This publication is the first in a series of Universities UK reports depicting the vital connections between higher education and healthcare. It illustrates the partnership between health providers and universities in supplying and developing the healthcare workforce.

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