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  1. 4 Jul 2017

    AGCAS Careers Fairs Survey

    The AGCAS Careers Fairs Survey reveals the considerable value students place on face-to-face interactions with employers. The research has implications for the planning of careers fairs and leads to recommendations that could strengthen practice in this area, for example the type of information that students value at careers fairs.

  2. 3 Nov 2017

    AGCAS First-Year Career Readiness Survey 2016/17

    The AGCAS First-Year Student Career Readiness Survey is designed as a baseline survey at the university entry point to evaluate students' levels of career readiness. Career readiness and careers support needs are revealed through students self-reporting their previous experiences of careers support, motivations for course choice, steps already taken to enhance their employability, current perception of university life and future career plans.

  3. 2 Jan 2018

    AGCAS Graduate Labour Market Survey

    This annual survey aims to build an informative dataset of the graduate labour market as it evolves and develops over time. The AGCAS survey is unique as it taps directly into the practical knowledge and experience of the graduate labour market from the leaders of higher education careers and employability services throughout the UK.

    AGCAS first undertook this survey in 2014. The survey was repeated in 2015 and in 2016.

  4. 23 Feb 2016

    A graduate employability lens for the SCONUL Seven Pillars of Information Literacy

    This resource explains how information literacy contributes to the employability of graduates. It looks at mapping information skills and competencies against what is expected of graduates entering the job market and, in the longer term, developing their careers.

  5. 8 Dec 2014

    AGCAS Disability Task Group blog

    Members of the AGCAS Disability Task Group have produced a blog aimed at fellow practitioners working with disabled students and graduates. The blog highlights work that the group does and also serves to publicise relevant training sessions and useful new resources.

  6. 18 Nov 2014

    Analysis of trends in higher education applications, admissions, and enrolments

    This report examines trends in applications and acceptances to higher education in the UK, based on evidence from the 2014 application cycle. It follows on from the Independent Commission on Fees previous report on applications and acceptances to higher education in the UK.

  7. 27 Feb 2015

    A review of the literature on current practice in the development of employability skills

    This report collates and reviews the literature on current practice in the development of employability skills. This is with a view to demonstrating the contribution of libraries to employability and the development of 'graduate attributes' and situating libraries' 'traditional' information literacy role in the new broader academic skills landscape.

  8. 3 Jun 2014

    An insight into modern manufacturing

    This report tells the story of UK manufacturing from the perspective of the businesses involved. It sets out a snapshot of the issues that matter to manufacturers. Some of the issues raised are unexpected, but the hope is that by highlighting them, this report will dispel some myths, reveal the diversity of UK manufacturing and help promote a greater understanding of this sector and how it contributes to the economy.

  9. 30 Apr 2014

    AGCAS Task Group Chairs: Briefing Notes

    These briefing notes have been produced for the Chairs of AGCAS task groups and are intended to support those AGCAS members undertaking this particular role. The guidelines outline what is expected of Chairs and the key areas of responsibility.

  10. 11 Apr 2014

    A Question of Degree: The Effects of Degree Class on Labour Market Outcomes

    This paper estimates the sorting (signalling or screening) effects of university degree class on labour market outcomes. It compares labour market outcomes by degree class, six months after completing a course. The data is based on DLHE from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

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