Guidance Refresher

Aimed at experienced guidance practitioners who wish to re-visit career theory and models and refresh their skills, this interactive course will use case studies and exercises alongside presentations.

This interactive course is for experienced careers advisers in HE who are involved in guidance discussions with clients and wish to refresh their knowledge and skills. Using case studies and exercises alongside presentations, it will provide an opportunity to reflect on guidance practice and share strategies.

By the end of this course, you should be able to: 

  • define current practice in the delivery of IAG and identify good practice 
  • describe and evaluate theories underpinning career choice and the various models for guidance practice 
  • review your own current interview practice 
  • define the ‘challenges’ which clients bring 
  • apply skills and strategies to these challenges 
  • identify developments in your guidance skills in one-to-one and one-to-many interventions 
  • feel more confident about your guidance skills and appreciate the importance of continuing development.

Here's what some previous participants had to say:

'Refreshing' in every sense of the word...reminded me why I do what I do and that knowing the 'answers to everything' isn't the point anyway!

I'd highly recommend this course as a refresher, no matter how many years experience you have. Come prepared to learn from, and share your experience with others, and you'll really get a benefit from this course.

This is not an introductory course, nor is it aimed at advice work. If you want to developing advanced skills, please consider the Guidance Skills (Advanced) course which can also be taken as part of the AGCAS/Warwick qualification.