Phoenix is the AGCAS journal, published three times a year in February, June and October.

Phoenix is predominantly for AGCAS member services to showcase and share best practice in careers and employability service delivery across a wide range of areas; it is the vehicle for members to share the plethora of initiatives, schemes, projects and collaborations that sit at the heart of the modern-day university careers service.

Each issue is themed. Recent issues have covered the strategic alignment of employability with academic learning, supporting disabled students, regionalisation, big data, social mobility, student well-being, postgraduate students, placements, graduate destinations, graduate attributes and employer engagement.

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 Phoenix June 2019 (Issue 157) - Academic Alignment

Academic Alignment

The June 2019 issue of Phoenix explores how higher education careers services are working collaboratively with academic colleagues, employers and students to embed employability in the curriculum and influence the strategic alignment of employability with academic learning.

Careers and employability services are now seen within many institutions, both large and small, as key strategic partners – whether as part of an institution-wide employability ecosystem or through more localised plans and activity in partnership with academic colleagues and other stakeholders. This has provided careers and employability professionals with opportunities to engage more effectively and meaningfully with academic colleagues. It is also presenting challenges; being relevant, credible, innovative and impactful has never been more important.


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