New AGCAS Job profiles live on Prospects

26 July 2018

AGCAS has created nine brand new Job profiles which are now live on the Prospects website.

New Job profiles

The new titles are:

  1. Acoustic consultant 
  2. Business development manager
  3. Cyber security analyst 
  4. Environmental engineer 
  5. Forensic computer analyst
  6. Health play specialist
  7. Medicinal chemist
  8. Penetration tester
  9. Supply chain manager


All the above content is jointly produced with our partners Graduate Prospects. The new Job profiles have been written by career professionals and include up-to-date information that reflects the current salary, qualifications, training and opportunities available in each job. Each profile also has at least one case study from a recent graduate to provide a personal insight into the role.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about any of the new Job profiles or would like more information on how to get involved with writing AGCAS publications, please get in touch.