Last chance to join the AGCAS Nominations Working Party

02 May 2018

Following discussion with the Advisory Council at the Heads of Service Conference in January, the AGCAS Board have developed a new approach to appointing board members. Members have requested a more robust process that will ensure our board continues to have the right skills, and is representative of the whole membership.

We are creating a nominations working party to identify nominations for the offices of President, Vice-President and Directors of the AGCAS Board when vacancies occur. The shortlisted nominations will be put to the membership for election.

The Nominations Working Party will also oversee board elections.

We are looking for three Full Members to join the nominations working party. To volunteer please complete the application form below and return to Elaine Boyes by 7 May 2018.

The first meeting of the Nominations Working Party will be on 23 May 2018 to identify nominations for the Research and Knowledge Director.