Call for data to support What Do Graduates Do?

29 June 2018

The AGCAS Education Liaison Task Group is responsible for the production of the annual publication What Do Graduates Do?, which is produced by HECSU in partnership with AGCAS and involves members of the task group analysing and translating graduate outcomes data and trends. Task group members also apply their expertise to contextualise graduate outcomes in order for careers advisers and employability professionals to use What Do Graduates Do? to support the delivery of core business within higher education institutions at a strategic and operational level.   

Much of the information is provided by HESA via HECSU. However, to produce this valuable and comprehensive publication, each year the task group seeks DLHE data directly from colleagues in career services nationally. This ensures that What Do Graduates Do? truly reflects the range and diversity of the destinations of our graduates, as well as supporting future students with their career planning.

We are appealing to AGCAS-member careers services to support the final edition (in its current form) of What Do Graduates Do? by responding to the task group’s request for employment and further study data. Further details about the information required, as well as a document containing JACS subject codes, is available below.

Data should be sent to Jane Howie , Chair of the AGCAS Education Liaison Task Group, by Friday 20 July.

A strict data security policy is followed in the production of What Do Graduates Do? No institution is named and the data received is anonymised.

 If you have any questions about the data or about What Do Graduates Do?, please contact Jane Howie or Gemma Green, AGCAS Research and Knowledge Manager.

We hope you are able to support the task group’s request for data.

Safeguarding the identity of post-holders in What Do Graduates Do?

Data request and JACS principal subject codes used in What Do Graduates Do?